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January 23, 2004
Just Think About It

When you hear about Israel's "security fence" please don't get carried away comparing it to the picket fence in your neighbor's back yard or even those heavy, wire, "tornado" fences that surround playgrounds with their spiked tips.

Think, instead, 'Berlin Wall'. We're talking about a massive barricade twenty-seven feet high. It blocks out the sun in places.

This is stupid.

The fact that a student whose family is from South Africa doesn't happen to be black doesn't mean they're not "African-American" you know. I mean, unless someone has instituted some kind of time limit for how long your ancestors had to inhabit a country before they could be said to belong there?

If we persist in removing all references to (let me be brave and say it) skin color from the highly sanitized phrases we use to describe those of (the more culturally sensitive) "different ethnic origins" then there's going to be legitimate confusion as to whom those phrases refer. (What a clumsy sentence.)

I dunno. PCism run amok is driving me over the edge this week.

I'd say this little incident proves nothing so much as it proves that this school has utterly and completely failed to teach these students what MLK and his generation were fighting for or, in fact, anything at all about this country's history, much less the history of South Africa. That's what really should be at issue.

This showed up under "entertainment" but it should have been under "politics." Once again, the Republican Party is the first to sink to a new low.

Rather than admonishing Jetton for the outburst, House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, R-Warson Woods, offered praise.

"If the governor comes before the General Assembly and uses his constitutionally authorized duty, mandate, to report on the State of the State as an opportunity to mislead the public, then I think it is perfectly appropriate for a cry to come out for the truth," Hanaway told reporters, prompting another cheer from Republicans flanking her.

Does that apply to presidential lies while making, let's say, for the sake of hypothetical argument, the SotU address?

Holden was asked about the outburst during his own news conference after the speech. "That's just politics," the governor said.

Of course it is. It's natural and justified and even praiseworthy if a Republican does it.

It's "just politics" if a Democrat is equally inspired to cry for truth.

I don't see why Bush can't ask for tens of billions more dollars for Iraq after the elections in November. After all, any private citizen can ask for money for their pet cause.

They're not likely to get it, but they can ask.

(I would like to request that the next incumbent not accept collect calls from the guy, though. He's not leaving the government enough money to pay for that kind of freebie.)


Are candidates willing to give straight answers to questions about where they stand on critical issues? 'More than they used to be but they're still uncomfortable with being forced to take a stand' seems to be the answer.

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