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January 27, 2004

What have we got?

Impassioned defense of Howard Dean.

Edwards. Good guy or sneaky meanie?

Kerry and Edwards. Bad men who don't understand voodoo trickle-down economics.

Israel's fence-wall-whatever.

Bush is suave and amiable and Rove's an awfully nice fella.

Lessons From Iowa.

The whole primary system needs work.

Bush says "bring 'em on!" to the Democrats and he's gonna whup 'em, too.

Lots of people use the internet, and the number is growing.

Dean's been throwing a year-long temper tantrum and the media is unfair and mean to Bush.

Seriously. I love Creator's Syndicate.

By all accounts, Kerry's running first in New Hampshire. I'm very pleased, of course, but don't make the mistake of thinking that I'm not dismayed by the media that suddenly turned on Howard Dean, or by the voters who were too-easily persuaded that they shouldn't vote for someone who actually allowed himself an unscripted moment.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:44 PM


Isn't it at least possible that voters decided on their own that Dean's unscripted moment was indicative of someone who shouldn't be trusted with the White House silver (so to speak)? My wife is about as apolitical as they come, but she watched Dean's Iowa speech and pronounced a one-word verdict: 'freak.' I imagine she wasn't the only one.

Posted by: Andrew at January 27, 2004 08:41 PM

Yeah, but there's also no denying that a lot of people went crazy over it. The guy had a stupid moment, which is hardly the same thing as saying he's not fit for office.

If he never does anything dumber than yelling, he's doing pretty well.

If we were going to eliminate every candidate who ever had a stupid moment, we wouldn't have any candidates left.

If we got rid of every elected official who ever had a stupid moment, we'd have to have a pretty widespread clear-out, starting at the top and moving pretty far down the scale.

The media seems to be turning on Dean but at the same time, they can't turn loose of their fascination with his popular support. Look at how much of the primary focus continues to be Dean, even though Kerry won Iowa and New Hampshire.

I'm not a big Dean supporter, okay? I just don't want to wind up with more of that idiotic and misleading "he invented the internet and wore a brown suit today" coverage. It's a source of constant frustration to me that the issues get so much less coverage than "personality" issues. (I don't completely blame the media. As long as a substantial percentage of voters are looking for a candidate "just like me" we'll get this kind of coverage. Said voters are idiots, but whatever.

Posted by: Anne at January 28, 2004 11:01 AM