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January 30, 2004

And, speaking of scary, in yet another attempt to turn back time and restore that long-lost era when people cowered beneath the fear of the great, unknown universe and wondered at the marvel of fire, Georgia is thinking of removing the word "evolution" from the curriculum. "Evolution," you see, is just a "buzzword" and it's offensive to some people.

Speaking of science, I didn't see CNN covering this one, but the BBC is on it. The campaign to save the Hubble telescope is taking off. I hope many of us from this country not only sign the petition but write our representatives. It's not enough to just let them 'review' their decision. We have to make sure science isn't strangled.

Not all science, anyhow. Some "experiments" are too horrifying to contemplate and some of them, and their instigators, do need to be strangled. And someone needs to take note of the proof of a WMD program in a country our government seems amazingly reluctant to confront.

Not that I'm advocating regime change or anything. Enough people have died for murky goals already and I doubt this Administration could sell anyone on the idea they were going into North Korea on 'humanitarian' grounds. Besides that, I get annoyed when I read articles suggesting that us creating governments friendly to us is the most important factor in these situations.

Also. Guess what's coming back into fashion? Curfews for kids. Because someone on the way to commit a crime is going to be deterred by the realization that it would mean he'd have to be out after curfew.

If you smoke, brace yourself. They might be declaring matches and lighters forbidden to airline passengers.

The so-called Patriot Act is being revisited by Washington. Bush likes it as it is and wants to renew it, only more so. Congress, or at least the parts of Congress more responsive to the concerns of the people, thinks it all goes a bit far and wants to scale it back. Even though the proposed scale-backs are modest in the extreme, the White House is already threatening that Bush will veto the bill when it hits his desk.

When you think about it, the Administration's determination to curtail our freedoms and hand the country, lock, stock, and Oval Office, over to Big Business, well, that's just another way of letting the terrorists win, isn't it?

And, speaking of things like that, some of you know I really do try hard not to categorize Halliburton as the spawn of satan, in spite of the stories about the conglomerate. I try to be fair and realize I don't have all the story. It's not always easy.

But not everyone feels that way. Here and there are signs that the current wave of terrorism-fueled hysteria can still be fought with common sense and intelligence. And that people's individual rights still count for something.

The new Medicare bill, unsatisfactory and unfair as it is, is going to be even more expensive than originally projected. The White House is predicting a bigger shortfall than the Budget office. Is that because the White House hopes to generate enough resistance to get the entire plan scuttled and replaced with an even more unsatisfactory and more unfair, but less expensive plan? (That was obnoxious of me, wasn't it?) Anyhow. It's hard to see how those who voted for it are going to justify not requiring negotiating drug prices now, isn't it? (And we never did get a satisfactory answer why the biggest single healthcare plan in the country isn't getting the kinds of drug price breaks that any plan with a thousand or two members manages to win.

I've seen some pretty obnoxious coverage of the candidates so far, but I think this is the stupidest thing I've seen yet.

Is Wal-Mart an unstoppable evil the center of our world now? I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that LA, even if it bans Wal-Mart 'superstores' it will survive.

Headlines from The Hill.

Republicans tout unity; brace for budget fight

GOP split on memos: Factions battle on strategy for Bush’s judicial nominees


Posted by AnneZook at 09:52 AM


My husband called to tell me about the NY Times article re: Georgia and creationism. Handily, I used it on my "Neander Meander" post. His eyes caught the same "buzzword" quote yours did. He also quoted from another place where a professor talked about how it was no more appropriate to teach creationism in a science class than it would be to teach astrology in an astronomy class, or (my favorite) witchcraft in a pre-med course.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at January 30, 2004 10:24 AM

I'm just getting to my blogroll, so I haven't read your post yet. I think I've read five or six other blogs that have referred to this story so far.

Let's hope some of the scarier news out there today inspires as much interest in the world o'blog as this one items seems to have done.

Posted by: Anne at January 30, 2004 11:06 AM