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February 02, 2004

Sometimes weird things happen. Like when I hit my bookmark for CNN and for some reason I get the site for this story from the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal.

The odd thing is that I'm sure I blogged that story once, several months ago, but I don't have a link to it in my bookmarks.

I don't like strangeness first thing in the morning.

Although there are few things on the planet I care less about than football, I'm still going to point out that there's a fundamental weirdness in a group of people who sit down happily to spend an hour or two watching a bunch of grown men beat up on each other but whose tender sensibilities are wounded by the unexpected sight of part of a woman's breast.

Also, today I'm having just a teeny bit of empathy with people who describe themselves as "small government supporters." I mean, are my tax dollars really going to enforce a Denver ruling that prohibits people from having their holiday lights still lighting up their homes in February? How do these bits of insanity become law, anyhow? (No link, heard it on the local radio morning news.)

All last week that Arizona prison situation wasn't much of a story. There were occasional mentions of it, but the press couldn't be bothered. Today, the ABC News 'teaser' on their main page is, "Guard Free After Harrowing Standoff With Dangerous Prisoners." I wonder how it all became so much more dangerous after it was ove?

Those of you fantasizing that the Bush Administration knows what it's doing and that it has real plans to cut that nasty ol' deficit down by 50% in 5 years need to take notice of the fact that the massive budget proposal doesn't include the billions of dollars Iraq and Afghanistan require.

"Our nation remains at war," Mr. Bush declared in his budget message. "This nation has committed itself to the long war against terror. And we will see that war to its inevitable conclusion: the destruction of the terrorists."

(Europe says Bush should do something about the situation in Iraq. I don't think the Bush Administration has any idea what to do, okay? Their solution to an untenable situation was, "bail out" which surprises me less the more I get to know them.)

Mr. Bush would boost military spending by 7 percent in 2005, but that does not include the money needed to keep troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Officials said a supplemental request for these funds will be sent to Congress but not until after the November elections. Congress last year approved an $87.5 billion wartime supplemental for the current budget year.

We remain at war, but we're not gonna pay for it any more.

But, of course, there's lots of money for guns and ammo to fight elsewhere.

One has to wonder if those people actually think they're fooling anyone with these tactics.


To battle the soaring deficits, Mr. Bush proposed squeezing scores of government programs and sought outright spending cuts in seven of 15 Cabinet-level agencies. The Agriculture Department and the Environmental Protection Agency were targeted for the biggest reductions.

Because caring about the safety of our food, air, and water is so 20th century, isn't it?

I am in such a mood. Can someone please tell the people in this office that the correct way to make coffee does not involve filling the filter 2/3 full of grounds and running a scant cup of water over it? I don't mind the waste, even though I personally purchased the $15/pound coffee, but I do mind that I have to restrict myself to 1/3 of a cup or get the psychotic jitters.

I really don't like the new Editor and Publisher site look. It doesn't have half the personality of the old site.

And someone has gotten on their feet and announced that secret trials based on secret evidence really isn't all that democratic.

Here's one in the eye for people who donít understand the connection between unions and today's labor laws, and who maybe think unions have outlived their usefulness.

Outside this country, it looks like they hate us more than they used to. It's nice to be making the world safe against terrorism, isn't it?

(Or are we more of a How-To manual for cloaking repression in a shroud of democracy?)

(I've really been wondering how Bush's staff reacted to the SotU applause in the wrong place.)

And how about that internet voting idea, anyhow? Can the problems be fixed, or not?

All issues of Iraq and Intelligence (faulty or otherwise) aside, I really do have a weakness for 'spy stories' and this type of Cold War disinformation project is fascinating to me.

I don't just read the funny columns for the giggles. I read them for their educational value, too.

Words that have have one pronunciation but two opposing meanings (cleave, sanction, fast ...) are contranyms, by the way, as opposed to an oxymoron, which is two or more words with opposing meanings (deafening silence, government intelligence, fun run ...).

And it's probably not what Dave Barry had in mind, but after reading his column, I totally want to take a cruise.

P.S. I'm totally sure I never blogged about "wouter bassoon" did I? Is it a person, place, or musical instrument?

(P.P.S. A quick Google shows I didn't, but I did blog about " Wouter Basson" so that's okay. Am I becoming one of those bloggers who are addicted to their stats? How embarrassing.)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:46 AM


Well... your title really does say it all for this post. "Weirdness."

I wanted to comment on a couple of the things you posted about, but none of them really has anything to do with the others. So maybe this will have to do.


Posted by: Charles2 at February 2, 2004 11:11 AM

Feel free to comment. My posts are frequently a bunch of unconnected items whose only relationship is their physical placement on this page.

But "weird" really does sum most of these up.

Posted by: Anne at February 2, 2004 04:26 PM