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February 04, 2004
Courtesy of: Seriously Stupid Publications

Once again I'm asking myself why I even go look at the OpinionJournal and I have no answer.

On the Editorial Page
Is a threat "imminent" if it arrives in a Capitol mailroom?

That depends. Was it wrapped in a budget proposal?

How President Bush is smarter than the intellectuals who disdain him.

I doubt if he'd say they 'disdain' him. That's a pretty complicated word, after all.

Leisure & Arts BY GREG SANDOW/
The iTunes site leaves classical music fans singing the blues.

How amazingly clever of you to offer such an unexpected piece of wordplay entirely unlike the last fifty-thousand jokes on this subject.

OpinionJournal's Political Diary
The Kerry-Edwards romance waltzes toward consummation; General Clark scores an Oklahoma victory but defeat hangs over his campaign; Rev. Sharpton's play to be a player looks played out; Gov. Schwarzenegger emerges as a money magnet for candidates and causes; Ohio enlists in the gay marriage wars; Texas senator-governor job switch may be in the works for 2006; Howard Dean started out as Gene McCarthy and became Ross Perot. (Click to Subscribe)

There's not one item in that list that gives me even the slightest desire to hand money over to these people in order to read it. This site has the most boring 'teasers' I've ever seen.

Best of the Web Today BY JAMES TARANTO
In 2001, some said anthrax attackers were "right-wingers" targeting Dems. What do they say now about the ricin scare?

They say, "Look! The Republicans hired an exterminator."

(No? Not funny? Maybe you're right. That's a shame, because I'm pretty sure there was an Arnold joke in there somewhere. Somewhere between "exterminator" and "terminator" you know. No? Okay. Shutting up now.)

On the Editorial Page
The president tells Congress to choose between guns and butter.

Pick butter. Guns make lousy sandwiches.

Trade barriers won't help South Carolina's economy--or America's.

I smell someone who found a tiny anomaly he can use for an example.

Laura Bush and Dana Gioia remake the National Endowment for the Arts.

Tell it to get rid of those plaid pants, okay?

Best of the Web Today BY JAMES TARANTO
More than 250 Muslims martyred in religious ritual. Plus John Kerry, K Street populist!

(A) If for no other reason, I'd dislike Taranto's writing because of his infatuation with exclamation points.

(B) How insensitive do you have to be to put those two items together just like that?

Bah. I'm going back to work.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:59 PM


Tom DeLay is a licensed exterminator in the state of Texas, that is his real profession. [honest]

Many believe that the overuse of exclamation points is a sign of madness. [see anything by Terry Pratchett]

The ricin seems to be linked to an annoyed trucking industry owner over changes to driver rest rules.

Posted by: Bryan at February 4, 2004 04:46 PM

Heh. I didn't know that about DeLay but it doesn't surprise me.

I saw a story about the ricin thing. (here) I suppose, under the "new rules" we've instituted, a disgruntled trucker is going to be classified as a 'terrorist' and we'll all be advised to report truck drivers who are frowning.

Posted by: Anne at February 5, 2004 09:03 AM