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February 05, 2004
Beware the Dick

I've been considering the current Administration, the ongoing hints of data manipulation, misinterpretation, misdirection, and outright lying.

Whatever happened to ethics in politics and business, anyhow?

There was a day when Tricky Dick Nixon's exposure as a foul-mouthed, lying, criminal nerd was a source of shame to the country. Watergate shook the country to its foundations but the subsequent criminality of Iran-Contra (Remember how Dick Cheney, vice-chairing the investigating commission afterwards, declared that Reagan was out of the loop on the whole deal?) was accepted, albeit with a certain cynicism, by a significant percentage of the population.

Was the weight of the government's dishonesty about Vietnam, combined with the revelations of Tricky Dick's McCarthyite "list of enemies" just too much for the country's idealism? Was Iran-Contra 'the last straw'?

And the poison seems to be spreading.

I mean, speaking of Iran-Contra, why, precisely did Bush and Cheney recruit Poindexter, the man who took the fall for the Reagan Administration's involvement in that ugly mess, to run something as problematic as "Total Information Awareness"?

And why was Elliott Abrams, the man convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra scandal appointed by Bush & Cheney to be " Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Democracy, Human Rights, and International Operations at the National Security Council"? (What price now Dick Cheney's post Iran-Contra memo suggesting that what would fix the NCS was better job descriptions so that we'd have a clearer understanding of what everyone was doing?)

And what about Enron? What about Dick Cheney's secret meetings with those later exposed as the instigators of a massive criminal fraud?

And why does Dick want to hide intelligence information Bush received before 9/11, unless there's something there that would reflect badly on them all? Did he, as has been speculated, derive from Tricky Dick's downfall that the real problem lay in the paper trail? (Anyone believe that new commission we hear Bush is going to set up going to be allowed to look at those August papers?)

There are continuing revelations of ethics problems at Halliburton. When it was under Dick Cheney's control, no less.

Remember when Richard (Dick!) Perle was busted for unethical and possibly illegal behavior? The story is in The Price of Loyalty with more details. Not so surprisingly, Dick Cheney and ethics are other topics that come up.

And a Supreme Court Justice has managed to generate a little ethical controversy. Yes, it's Dick Cheney again. Does the man never stop?

Sometimes ethics seem particularly hard to find in the oil industry, too.

According to Dick Cheney:

“The problem is that the good Lord didn’t see fit to put oil and gas reserves where there are democratic governments.”

(I think the 'good Lord' might take exception to that kind of slur, Dick. The Middle East had civilization, including law and order, when your ancestors were still digging under rocks to find bugs to eat, okay? And a lot of their problems today are the result of 'democratic' governments exploiting those peoples and their countries, problems that continue today, under your guidance, as the article points out, so let's just be a little less high and mighty about how you're one of the 'chosen ones' because you're really not an example of the best of the breed.)

And, speaking of breeds, there's an ethics crisis in the strange and inexplicable world of dog breeding.

Someone needs to get to the bottom of this. What exactly was Dick Cheney's involvement?

Update: Take a look at Josh Marshall's post. Did anyone do anything criminal in the Plame affair? Looks like the answer is, "yes" and the names are from Dick Cheney's staff.

Think about this. Would the current Administration even exist without Dick?

Posted by AnneZook at 11:02 AM