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February 06, 2004
1...2...3...4 Quick Ones

Hah. Here's one for the poor, delusional souls who think that, if he cares about nothing else, Bush cares about the whole Homeland Security thing. He wants to eliminate all funding for research on decontaminating buildings that have been contaminated by toxins.

Of course, the only two 'bio-attacks' we've had seem to have been from home-town folks, not international terrorists. And while some members of the Bush Administration are still claiming we're going to find the twenty tons of this and fifty tons of that they were so sure was in Iraq before they discovered that it, you know, wasn't, it seems that others have decided the stuff maybe didn't exist and consequently there's no point in developing techniques for dealing with it.

Anyhow. The whole budget is full of injustices and anyone who compares what Bush is willing to fund against the pious speeches he makes about how much he really cares about average people and then still votes for Bush is...well, let's just say that you should take a close look at that kind of person. Because not everyone who claims to believe in equality and equal opportunity really does.

And, speaking of equality, have you ever considered the question of sexism in drinking?

Iran may have come clean about nukes, but what is the world going to do about the rest of its military development? Can we do anything? Do we have any right to try?

Posted by AnneZook at 09:39 AM