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February 09, 2004
Say what you will

But I'm not enchanted with the Bush Administration's commission to look into pre-Iraq war intelligence. The committee seems to me to have a much broader mandate than is strictly consistent with being able to focus on exactly who knew what and who decided to say what in the push to invade Iraq.

[. . . ] the White House said the commission would look beyond problems in Iraq and examine the handling of intelligence on terrorists and U.S. adversaries.

In fact, from what I've heard, the commission is tasked with decided if and how to revamp the USofA intelligence services. That's a lot to cover in a year and let's all not be surprised if the whole question of Iraq is soon dismissed as being of less import than the rest of the group's business.

Mind you, I'm not surprised. I'd imagine the spin doctors in the White House spent a considerable amount of time figuring out how to respond to the demands for an independent investigation into how we were dragged into invading Iraq without actually empanelling a committee that might, you know, have enough time on its hands and enough power to force people to cough up documents actually relating to just exactly how the decision was made to bypass the CIA's advice and create an illusion of danger from Iraq.

And say what you will, maybe civil liberties are under assault and maybe they aren't, but the reappearance of tactics not seen for decades tactics used to try and intimidate dissenters, doesn't look good. Seriously, people.

They say no publicity is bad publicity. I wonder if Halliburton agrees?

What exactly is NATO doing in Afghanistan?

Haven't I been puzzling over Bush's pronouncements of support for a 'strong dollar' and the contrast in the Administration's behavior that kept weakening the dollar? Turns out that whole "we want a strong dollar" thing was...wait for it...a lie.

They say you're known by the company you keep. I hope some of the company the Bush Administration keeps worries some of those less-than-50% of people still thinking of voting for Bush/Cheney.

Check out today's Note where they not only confine their "polling" to Washington journalists (although I like the numbers they got), but confess that the media is capable of, and prone to selecting a candidate and creating an avalanche of 'free press.' Also? The 'liberal' bias of the crop of reporters they surveyed suggest that the Democratic candidate is going to be facing a love-fest, especially if it's Kerry.*

It may surprise you to hear this, but I'm not pleased. I'd really like an unbiased press that I could rely upon to be telling me the entire story. If I want an editorial slant, I'll read the editorial pages. If I want to know what I think about a subject, I'll ask me. Just give me the facts, okay?

(* Before the Right gets its knickers in a knot over this, let me remind them that the so-called 'liberal bias' didn't do Gore much good in 2000. It was the media's tacit endorsement of the Right's lies and exaggerations about Gore that turned it into such a close race that year. Let me also remind the Right that Bush was the media darling in 2000. There was almost no serious attention paid to his complete lack of qualifications for the job he was seeking, nor was there any serious attention paid to his record in Texas, which could have told us what to expect from the man. The point is, 'liberal' or not - the press is fickle.)

Okay, say what you will about t his country, at least candidates for the presidency don't mysteriously disappear.

I'm with DJ. Libraries should be about books. And they shouldn't have a noise level that rivals the local mall.

And say what you will about giving everyone their 'space' to believe whatever they want, grown men believing that aliens are going to land on the planet and wage a civilization-destroying war all over the place is just silly. Therapy, guys. It's always an option.

I've got an entire slate of meetings today, so I may not be back until tomorrow.


I just received this:

Good Afternoon.


An early version of today's Note included what was intended as a satirical report of an ABC News/Washington Post poll. No such poll was conducted. The questions and results listed were not from a real poll.

How embarassing for me.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:59 AM