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February 10, 2004
A couple o'blogs

John McKay has an interesting post about how Noonan is an idiot.

Before that, he discussed a potential rival to Bush for right-wing votes in the upcoming presidential campaign. Former Justice Roy "10 Commandments" Moore is considering a run.

And then before that, he was demonstrating just how blatant the vote-buying in getting in Congress.

John's been on a roll recently.

Apparently at least one person on the Right thinks the only difference between Bush and a die-hard liberal is talking about religion, a 'Haavaad accent,' and a 'wonky' college life.

One hesitates to ask what 'wonky' means in this context but I suspect is has something to do with attending class and completing assignments.

Take the taste out of your mouth by reading Avedon Carol's opinion of the subject, titled, "Stupid Conservative Tricks."

Posted by AnneZook at 08:14 AM