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February 12, 2004
Things aggravating me

Okay, yeah, this is what we ought to do. We ought to run away from the mess we've created.

Ta-Nehisi Coates is apparently annoyed that the Democratic candidates are ignoring "black issues" in their campaigns. I have two thoughts. #1 - Are the problems of the "black" voters somehow different or of more intrinsic value than the problems of Asian, Hispanic, gay, disabled, and/or poor voters, none of whom seem to be getting much attention at this moment? #2 - Is it possible there are times when there are so many problems in common for voters that the question of black, white, male, female, westerner, or southerner has to wait?

Colin Powell had a little freak-out while testifying in a congressional hearing.

I was thinking something very like this on the way home last night. Kerry has a lot of good points as a candidate (although he's not perfect), but what I want to see is more passion.

Also, pay attention to the anti-equality forces fighting in Massachusetts and let's all be just amazingly grateful to them for being willing to go to the limit to protect us from the civilization-destroying concept of everyone having an equal right to get married. Re-writing a constitution to establish exceptions to "equal protection" clauses is just what this country needs. (Any indications that the evil forces of equality are winning the battle may be illusionary.)

In an example of the kind of revisionist weirdness that has made the Bush Administration widely disliked and distrusted, Bush explains that he wasn't actually asking Daschle not to investigate 9/11 when he asked him not to investigate 9/11. What he meant to say, we're meant to understand, is that he wanted an intelligence agency-led investigation. Not that that's what he said, because he didn't. Either because no one has explained it to him yet or because his Administration hubristically (Is that actually a word?) decided it was none of anyone's business what they were gonna do.

Defense firms under contract with the DoD apparently owe as much as $3 billion in unpaid taxes.

And, speaking of defense, this is another problem I've been puzzling over. Just how much of the "economic surge" we may and/or may not be experiencing is the result of increased defense spending? And is is sustainable if we stop making war?

Is there going to be another 'civil' war, this time over protectionism for pharmaceutical firms?

This whole story about Janet Jackson's breast has gotten ridiculous. Now Maggie Thurs says Jackson was violated and that we're sending a message about sex and violence to our children. Has anyone actually asked Jackson about this? Has anyone considered that the fact that the woman was wearing a pastie over her nipple indicates that she knew what was going to happen?

It was a breast, okay? Not the most attractive view of one I've ever seen, but that's all it was. Most of us have seen them before and those who hadn't were probably thrilled by the opportunity. It wasn't a sign of the apocalypse and it wasn't a repeat of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was just part of a woman's body. Get over it.

Me go to Cuba, speak English now.

And now I have to go write sales and training scripts for a product I know too well after 40 hours of testing but for an industry I don't understand and an audience no one can adequately describe to me.

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