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February 13, 2004

Another downed ship, another frantic rescue dash.

I had no idea there was all of this controversy going on.. Maybe that's because I pay a different kind of attention to diamonds and I routinely wear my rings on whatever finger they fit best. Some people learn to compromise, of course.

I didn't know the Sierra Club was such a hotbed of dissension either.

Here's a lot of attitude in a short column. Apparently, everyone knew about the black market proliferation of nukes but us.

Do you suppose Rush Limbaugh is going to jump up and down and scream that medical records are private this time?

You just can't hold people for years and years without charging them with anyone. It's wrong. What on earth are they thinking?

We have a lot of money to waste, it seems. At least, the way some people are throwing it away, you might think so.

Education in Texas is in bad shape as a result of Bush's tinkering. This matches up with other things I've read over the past two or three years about the fabrication (really, you can't call it anything else) of data to create the illusion of a successful educational system..

Those tired of wondering if something smells bad around those electronic voting machines should not read this article which covers more of the issues than answers. Trying to match voting blocs up with votes, polls with results, and examining security problems in Georgia.

Go Newsom.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:50 AM