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February 13, 2004
Isn't anyone paying attention?

Afghanistan still matters. There's still a war on.

Haven't I been saying this? Wealth has to be grown from the bottom up. The idiocy of top-down theories like 'trickle-down' economics are obvious to everyone so why are some people still pretending the emperor isn't nekkid?

The. Mind. Simply. Boggles. Could this woman be any weirder?

I mean, I promise that I do not slow down to look at car accidents, but when I find myself compelled to read one of her silly scribbles, I know how people who do slow down must feel. There's a sort of horrified fascination with just how bad the carnage might be.

Oh, and William over at Atlantic Blog weighs in on the "liberal bias on campus" debate with a posting pointing out that the problem may not be that most campus faculties are left-wing, die-hard liberals. Maybe they're just dorks.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:37 AM