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February 16, 2004
It's Presidents' Day. Are You Happy?

While I understand what these kids trying to say, they really do miss the point, which is a bit scary. Affirmative Action is going to be needed in this country until there really is equality.

And why am I somehow not surprised that this one came from the infamously unwise Young Republicans? And why am I further not surprised by the hypocrisy being displayed?

And, speaking of Young Republicans, at exactly what point did the Bush Administration "lurch to the left" and how did I miss it? (I'm not surprised that they think Kerry is a bigger threat to Bush than Dean. Had Dean not imploded in a hail of media speculation about "electability" I think they might have learned to change their minds, but whatever.

And, speaking of the Bush Administration, whenver I read another article about the recess appointment of Pickering I'm astounded, all over again, by the degree of insensitivity shown by both the appointment and the timing of the announcement. And yet...I doubt it's the blatant display of racism that some are claiming. For one thing, I can't imagine any elected official doing something for that reason in an election year.

And, as long as we're still speaking of the Bush Administration, what happened to those rosy promises about money to fight AIDS? (Note the point in here where they found it necessary to create a separate bureaucratic entity to distribute the money, rather than using one of the capable, established organizations. This not only reduces the amount of money actually available for fighting the disease but increases government spending. And, not incidentally, allows us to refuse money for the kinds of programs that really work, like condom distribution.

You find the weirdest things for sale on e-bay.

And you find the weirdest things in the news. Exactly when did NASCAR fans become a voting bloc?

Reading this article, I wonder if it strikes anyone but me as odd to find the coverage of the protests against Iran's upcoming elections sticking out from the center of a story about enriching uranium? It's one big paragraph that begins, "In separate news...." but it seems very oddly placed.

I've been listening to stories about Aristide and Haiti on NPR for a couple of weeks or more and keep meaning to do some serious reading to figure out the situation down there. It's hard to know what, if anything, we should do. This morning (on NPR, naturally) I heard a story about a young man in the northern part of the country who had to go out and buy six gallons worth of fuel out of his own pocket in order to give the local hospital power for an emergency operation on his brother.

And I really am wondering what's going to happen in Chechnya. Sad to say, being labeled as a "terrorist" by the USofA and Russian governments can be as much about politics as anything else.

And speaking of the government, do you think they're aware of the truth in advertising laws?

Remember what I said yesterday about the erosion of what we consider 'entertainment'?

If your schedule of things to worry about this week isn't full yet, take a few moments now and then to keep worrying about media consolidation.

Look what we did.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:07 AM


The wierdest thing I ever saw for sale on eBay, bar none, was virtual people. Participants in a multi-user virtual reality, a fantasy-infused simCity sort of place, were putting their identities, or sometimes just their accumulated cash, up for auction. Some of the bidding (and the characters did sound impressive) was in the thousands of dollars.

After that, selling something that actually exists is just not that exciting.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at February 18, 2004 01:39 PM

Okay. You win.

That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard.

Posted by: Anne at February 18, 2004 02:42 PM