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February 17, 2004
A Short Blogaround

If you still doubt that Horowitz is a biased wingnut who paints with a very broad brush when he's identifying 'enemies' then you're not paying attention. Read John McKay on the subject.

Mustang Bobby has the story, too. (Look for, "Homeless Gay Recyclers")

Reports of a potential civil war in Iraq left me unmoved in the national press. That's how much I've come to distrust their coverage. Yet when Chris said the same thing last week, it bothered me so much I was still thinking about it today.

And then I saw that Juan Cole was also talking about it and now I'm really taking it seriously.

(Juan Cole also says that Bush's military record from the Vietnam era is important not because of the choices he made but because in a time of passionate involvement and deep division in our country, Bush appears to have just floated along trying not to make any actual choices. And this is the man directing our invasions of other countries today.)

It would be difficult for me to care less about Mel Gibson and whatever movie it is that he's making that has everyone in such a tizzy. It was only through the accidental wording of a headline I saw last week that I learned that the movie wasn't, as I'd assumed, some anti-established religion thing but amazingly pro-godlike. But I'm linking to the Norbizness discussion of it anyhow, because the phrase, "invisible sky fairy" amused me and because I hadn't realized before I read the post that Mel whacked Jesus. Someone explain to Mel that there's no statute of limitations on murder and he shouldn't admit those things to the press, okay?

Susan writes about Bush and his "invisible training wheels." (Scroll down.)

I like Andrew Olmsted but if he doesn't knock it off with the silly "national sales tax" idea, I'm going to kick sand on his shoes and shake my tiny fists at him while I give him really mean looks.

But you should read his post anyhow, because I think we do need to consider some kind of real reform to our tax code. More than just the mostly cosmetic "reform" Congress managed in the 90s.

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