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February 17, 2004
Rude Tuesday

I've got a minute. Who can I be rude to?

I don't care for the tone (because I'm so I'm completely entitled to pass judgment on the attitudes of others, don't you know) but I found the content of this article interesting.

(Via KC Johnson at Cliopatria, who also has a very interesting topic going that I'd be commenting in now except that technically I'm on the phone with a client discussing how to use a service we offer on an upcoming trip to a refugee camp overseas which is unquestionably the most interesting business call I've had in quite a while but at the moment, I'm on hold.)

I agree with it, in fact. The article, I mean.

#1 - Freedom of speech. Yes, I know that what some people have to say aggravates or annoys other people. You know what? You have the right to get over it. There's a huge difference between "hate speech" and speech that just strongly disagrees with your position.

#2 - Exchange of opinion. If you don't let the other side talk, how will you know what they really believe? If you don't know what they believe, how do you know if you disagree with them?

#3 - Change of opinion. Maybe, as you think, you're right and they're wrong. Ask yourself...how likely would you be to change your opinion if no one let you air your concerns and then responded to them rationally? You can't change anyone's opinion if you don't know what they think and you don't win a debate by only allowing one side to talk.

So, I say, let them talk. Everyone talk. Listen to each other. Especially if you disagree with each other. You might learn something.

The rudeness was here. I removed it.

I tell you what. When someone named Jesse Thomson is up for promotion and no one asks, no one even wonders if this person is male or female or has a non-white skin, then we can consider whether or not it's time to eliminate affirmative action.

Until then, why don't you band together with everyone else asking the government to start funding education at a decent level in this country? Then there'll be room at the universities and colleges for everyone who wants to go.

By the way. I'll be out of town starting early Thursday and not back until late Monday. I may and/or may not get a chance to post tomorrow, so you may not have the annoyance of my opinions for a solid week. That's a pretty exciting thought, isn't it?

Alternatively, I could be still sitting here, on hold, by next Tuesday.

Be good.

Update: To make up for my self-restraint here, I've just been amazingly rude in someone else's comments section. It's probably just as well that I'm leaving town for a few days.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:52 PM