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February 18, 2004
If it had been a snake....

Turns out there was more to object to in Rowen than I suspected when I was brooding over his geezerdom while discussing last week's Trash Day.

The article I originally read (and which is still available) didn't say any of this stuff and, quite frankly, I'm not sure I'm smart enough to have understood it even if I'd read it. (Thanks to Avedon Carol for pointing me to the relevant post.)

I'm not blogging. I came in late today (annual physical exam) in time to find my boss leaving early because he was unwell, I'm off work for the next three business days, and I don't have time to blog today. I'm just...pausing for a moment to contemplate this story.

Plus which, I'm feeling cranky because I had to wait at the doctor's office while the staff engaged in a passionate discussion of the pros and cons of that Mel Gibson movie and then the nurse wanted to talk to me about it and since she was sticking a needle in me at the time, I didn't feel it was wise to point out that a ton of movies have been made on mythological subjects in the past fifty years and that one more, or less, was unlikely to be of as much significance as everyone seemed to think.

I confined myself to saying, politely but distantly, that I didn't plan to see the movie.

They were also discussing this story and what troubled me most about their discussion is that they were blaming the girl's father for not ordering his daughter not to play college football.

And I'm sitting there, thinking, "Hello? Is she property or is she a person?"

Order his 18- or 19-year old daughter to stay out of the locker room and...where? In the stands? On the cheerleading squad?

Where she "belongs," maybe?

Is this 2004 or is it still 1904?

It did not, at least while I was listening, seem to occur to any of these people that women and men can in fact coexist without rape. Even when sports are involved.

I'm sure that by the time I left that office my blood pressure was ten points higher than it was when I went in.

Also, if I had time to blog, which I don't, I'd say, "don't miss Jeanne today because once we get the Republicans out of the White House, we're gonna need someone with a list of these actions to scamper around undoing the harm.

Also I'm realizing that some sites have a "trackback" that seems to be different from a "permalink" and yet each link leads to the same blog entry and I'm wondering which link bloggers prefer someone to use.

But I'm not e-mailing anyone to ask them about it because I don't have time for this stuff today.

I don't have time to giggle over Kevin Drum's post wherein he discovers, as so many others have before him, that grammar and punctuation do matter. Go laugh at him for me.

(I used his "trackback" link thingy. I'm alternating until I figure out which is preferable. Or, I would be, if I had time for blogging, which I don't, so I'm not. Actually.)

If I had time, I'd really like to comment on the post by Chris at Crooked Timbers about gender-bending and how far behind the curve the USofA has been when it comes to loosening restrictions on behavior for boys.

Also? If Ann Coulter doesn't shut up, I'm going to feel compelled to change my name. (Via Cursor.)

Question of the day: Does Halliburton sometimes smell like the worst example of corporate misbehavior we've ever exported or are there days when you think that an amazing number of corporations are under investigation or have been found guilty of some misdoing?

I'd talk about it, but I don't have time.

(P.S. If I had the time, I'd go apologize over at Cliopatria for making a rude comment there yesterday, but I'm afraid to even visit the site. I always wind up spending an hour surfing the entire HNN site when I go there. Someone remind me when I get back to town that I owe them.)

Posted by AnneZook at 03:23 PM


Also I'm realizing that some sites have a "trackback" that seems to be different from a "permalink" and yet each link leads to the same blog entry and I'm wondering which link bloggers prefer someone to use.

Okay, I was confused about this too, so I inquired of Dave Johnson. He explained, "You can link to the permalink here, sure, no problem. But if you want to show readers HERE that you linked to it, so they will come visit YOUR weblog, then you want a trackback notice to appear here. It provides a link to your posting, and an excerpt."

So apparently a trackback is sort of a combination of referral/link and self-plug. I've never used one, so I'm still clueless as to how exactly they work. Right now I figure it's enough for me to self-plug in comments sections and link to permalinks.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at February 19, 2004 10:17 AM

Elayne misunderstands, which puts her in a poor position to explain. "Trackback" is a Moveable Type function; it will only work if you either have a Moveable Type blog with the function enabled, or use another software workaround.

For all other blogs, simply linking to the Trackback will do nothing to ping the site and let it know you've linked, which is the function. Link to the permalink.

Posted by: Gary Farber at February 23, 2004 12:45 PM