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March 01, 2004
We Are Not Amused

My mother always said that a bad attitude would get you into trouble but even she thinks the TSA is way out of line.

Nor would she approve of intimidating confessions out of the innocent.

We need to be very clear on this, people. We're supposed to be fighting terrorists and evildoers, not imitating them.

So, Aristide fled the country and the rebels are taking control of Haiti. I still can't figure out the rights and wrongs of that situation. It seems clear that Aristide isn't the force for tolerance and freedom many people had hoped he would be but are the rebels any better?

I do have to say that the fact that the OpinionJournal approves of Aristide stepping down leads me to think it may be a bad thing. That has more to do with how much I distrust the OpinionJournal than anything else, though. I generally find that opposing anything they support is a safe bet.

Muzzling the opposition.

Holding a grudge.

Is our government delusional or is it just their foreign policy?

The attention to the question of gay marriage continues to increase. Sometimes the issue arises in unexpected places.

I doubt that opposition to gay marriage is really increasing here in the UsofA, though. I think the religious right is just mustering its forces at the moment. In the long run, I'll bet most of these people care a lot less about whether or not Judy and Jane get married than they do about health care, jobs, and Social Security.

This reminds me that someone said to me last week they don't think the government's opposition to gay marriage has as much to do with biblical so-called morality as it does with Social Security. Seems that the government's trashing of the surplus, money that could, of course, have been used to fulfill government obligations on Social Security, as well as a host of other projects, means that Social Security is in trouble, which is news to no one. But this person believed that the government is terrified of the additional demand on social security funds that being forced to pay "surviving spouse/partner" benefits to gay couples would create.

For a group of people out to bankrupt the Federal government in order to bring about their dream of...whateverinthehell those people think they're building, you'd think they'd welcome such an opportunity.

Anyhow, most of the arguments against gay marriage are demonstrably stupid. As are, I can't resist pointing out, a number of the most vocal opponents.

Personally, I think the wingnuts are seizing on the whole situation because they're dismayed by the dissention in their own ranks over the Bush Administration. It's no secret that a significant percentage of Bush's religious constituency is disenchanted with what they've seen over the past three years and Rove&Co need a unifying issue to keep conservative voters in the fold.

John McKay amuses us, then discusses the (gay marriage) issue seriously.


In addition, I continue to be amazed and appalled by the way the Bush Administration illustrates this country's fundamental schizophrenia. No to sex, a peaceful, life-affirming activity if ever there was one, but yes to death and dying.

And, speaking of medicine, not that we were, if I had three billion dollars, I know how I'd spend it.

And in spite of everything, I continue to find the U.K.'s secret service fascinating.

(P.S. If Elayne has a cold, it's not my fault. I have a sinus infection and I've been very careful not to infect anyone else.)

Posted by AnneZook at 09:16 AM


Hmmmm - Interesting that you bring up Social Security benefits for gay spouses. My co-worker has insisted that the anti-gay marriage movement is funded by the insurance industry. Follow the money...thekeez

Posted by: Jeff Keezel at March 2, 2004 12:13 PM

A likely story *snif*. :) :)

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at March 2, 2004 01:54 PM

The more I think about the Social Security thing, the more these kinds of ideas make sense, Jeff.

(You want to see my doctor's note, Elayne? Because I can forge...umm...get one if I need it, you know.

Snif. It's sad to be sick and get no sympathy. Do you know I missed over two days of work? I haven't missed that much in the last ten years!)

Posted by: Anne at March 2, 2004 02:48 PM