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March 03, 2004
No Particular Theme

This appears to be a serious article, but my brain is fixated on a picture of Bush as the "L'il Pretzel." I may have to rescind my self-imposed ban on name-calling for that one.

“We are literally here at the direction of the president of the United States to make sure that each and every one of you has the opportunity to be involved in one of the truly major business undertakings of this century,” said Gen. Patrick Rea, regional administrator of the SBA. And it’s some undertaking. The total value of contracts, Rea assured, “could move to the figure of a half a trillion dollars.”

Reducing the Iraq war and subsequent occupation to a business opportunity is disconcerting enough, but far more bizarre was the subtle yet consistent message that Iraqi reconstruction constitutes a comprehensive domestic economic policy agenda. “We’re all looking for what are those 21st Century jobs,” Rea told the crowd. “You’re sitting in a room where they’re going to unfold by the thousands.”

That's the Bush Administration, inviting small business to join in the fun and profiteering in Iraq.

China seems to think the Bush Administration's nation-building in the middle-east could work, but the article worries me by how casually it accepts the (really, astonishing) scope of what the current administration wants to do.

Men, women, pr0n, and computers and suddenly I'm sort of glad I stuck with the GameBoy and didn't ever get game-geeky enough to want a PlayStation. But maybe I'm just old-fashioned.

Also, Aristide may, indeed, be "Castro-lite" (as Elayne said in earlier comments), but I'm completely and entirely underwhelmed by the ragtag collection of murderers, drug-dealers, and torturers that make up the ranks of the "rebels" claiming power in Haiti.

Last night on NPR, a commentator argued convincingly that the biggest problem in Haiti is that we installed Aristide and then washed our hands of the situation, as though one man, no matter how democratically elected, would be able to single-handedly create and support the democratic framework the country would need to thrive and survive in freedom. I'm not sure any of us who rely upon the USofA press know who Aristide is but, I'm not prepared to join the ranks of those opposing him.

Disturbing reading.

Andrew Greeley, writing from another planet, insists that celibacy (and the lack thereof, accompanied by a frenzy of child-molesting and a massive, world-wide, decades-long cover-up by authority) isn't what's wrong with the church. After all, a bare 4% of priests actually assault underage parishioners and priests, when asked, say that life is good under the robe, so clearly there ain't no problems there.

No, no, what priests need to do to rehabilitate the church is write better sermons.

Did anyone at the NYT read this stuff before they agreed to publish it? Did it occur to anyone to take Greeley's temperature, on the chance that he might be feverish and delusional?

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