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March 05, 2004
Some People

Some people find the presidential election politicking inside the Senate in in rather poor taste.

Note how "retired GOP Sen. Alan Simpson" refers to opposition against Bush as "stoking the crematorium." Interesting how they still keep trying to sell us on the idea that not wanting Bush in the White House is criminal, isn't it? I'm only afraid some idiots are going to start believing it. (Well, let's be honest. A fair number of the anti-intellectual, right-wingnut population is already behind the idea, heart, soul, and bad grammar.) And why is it always WWII imagery?

Oil, oil, oil, oil. Why does everything about the Bush Administration seem to come back to oil, whether it's at home or abroad?

Do some people miss the original Ralph Nader?

Kevin points out that Bush is trying to invoke the magic (not) of the 80s by running as Reagan-lite.

(By the way, I head about those Bush campaign ads exploiting 9/11 on the way to work yesterday morning and I knew instantly they were a bad, bad idea. What I keep asking myself is how people can be as stupid as whoever is in charge of Bush's PR seem to be?)

On the other hand, some people find Bush's campaign funny.

Dionne praises Edwards.

And this is an interesting twist in our 'war on terror.' This former Guantanamo detainee says he was recruited by the CIA and the FBI to do what he done.

Bored now.

On March 5, 1770, the infamous Boston Massacre took place.

American kids threw rocks. A mob gathered. More items were thrown. British soldiers reacted. Five people died. We've called it a massacre ever since.

"Wounded Knee" (December 29, 1890) on the other hand, is a vague event in the minds of most of us. When I was in school, it was referred to as, "The incident at Wounded Knee." Very few us of know that our troops opened fire on an almost completely unarmed crowd of Indians, killing as many as 300 men, women, and children.

I'm just saying. If you think spinning events to suit political gain is a new pastime, think again.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:40 AM