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March 05, 2004
Back-assward Kansas

As scary as the determination to continue discrimination is, I think Justice Green's written opinion is scarier.

Apart from the idiocy of pretending that punishing someone for being gay will make them straight, we're favored with this:

In his opinion, Justice Henry W. Green Jr. noted: “Throughout history, governments have extolled the virtues of procreation as a way to furnish new workers, soldiers, and other useful members of society. The survival of society requires a continuous replenishment of its members.”

Throughout history, until very recently, governments have failed to understand that they exist for the care and security of their citizens. People are no longer to be considered in the light of "fodder" for cannon, factories, or other useful roles in society. These days, the survival of government requires that it remember this.

Aside from that, can someone slap Justice Green upside the head until he realizes this isn't the 15th century?

Posted by AnneZook at 01:19 PM