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March 08, 2004
Here and There

So, the Bush re-election committee says 9/11 is fair game for exploitation. Some days they just make me tired.

Gore is doing what he should have done in 2000. Speaking his mind.

Bill Cosby says our schools are a disgrace.

USofA accused of human rights abuses in Afghanistan. Of arresting civilians and holding them in a "legal black hole" without legal counsel or representation. Sounds familiar.

Zimbabwe seizes a USofA plane. Claims it was loaded with military equipment and mercenaries and that we're plotting a regime change for them.

China is considering making private property...private.

The Netherlands discovers that legalizing gay marriage brings on...no social upheaval at all. Not even Armageddon. Fancy that.

Rome notices that women have brains.

Greece just put the conservative New Democracy party in power.

Italy is facing it's past, and maybe hoping to rewrite a bit of it around WWII events.

Egypt doesn't want any part of the mess in the Gaza Strip.

Egypt thinks the USofA's plan to "remake" the Middle East is going to promote, not eliminate, violence.

The world, or at least a majority of the part polled, doesn't care for Bush.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:38 AM