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March 12, 2004
9/11 . . . 3/11

It was Spain's 9/11 and that's how the country is reacting to it. Coverage of the shocking disaster in Madrid goes on.

As does the discussion of the use of mass slaughter of innocents as a weapon.

Others wonder if the world has gone crazy.

Actually the only major news outlet I checked, domestic or international, that did not have the Madrid story front and center was Israel's Israel Insider which is discussing terrorism but on a different front.

Speaking of "multiple personality disorder" take a look at Multiple Corporate Personality Disorder The 10 Worst Corporations of 2003.

Or, more psychologically, bipolar disorder.

On the campaign trail, some of those cheering Bush have no idea what he's saying. Just how much of this Administration's support is really smoke and mirrors, we wonder?

Also, Walter Shapiro says not to waste too much energy on Bush's first round of campaign ads. It's going to get worse.

China says the USofA has a double standard when it comes to 'free' trade.

Gender from PinkDreamPoppies.

Mr. Cheney, meet Google from Jerome. Also a word on the value of keeping your eye on the prize.

Mother Jones says, "we told you so" about the kerfuffle over the Administration's "intelligence" on Iraq and the CIA's version of the story.

What happens to Democratic representatives who vote with Republicans? Heh. Heh.

What are the polls saying about Kerry versus Bush?

Ralph Luker posts poetry. It's not good poetry, but I admire his nerve in posting it anyhow

More naughtiness in Pentagon contracting. (Via Cursor.)

The Economic Policy Institute posts an economic snapshot that says, no surprise, the deficit is largely responsible for the decline in manufacturing jobs.

Here's a really interesting article on judicial activism and what it means to the "people's Constitution."

Read Ellis Henican on going for a ride.

Tony Shalhoub branches out.

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