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March 15, 2004
Shutting up is hard to do

I know, I already said good-bye. Picture me standing in the doorway, talking endlessly while you fight the temptation to shut it in my face.

But there are things I just had to ask about.

Like, just how how democratic was Putin's victory if some election officials filled out the ballots themselves?

And, are USofA soldiers mistreating Iraqi journalists?

Is a "targeted" draft constitutional? (Via Cursor.)

(And speaking of the draft, David is still on the Bush National Guard story and still finding new things. Also, the Spokesman-Review.)

Meanwhile, China's constitution seems to be changing for the better.

Why does the "Small Government!" Republican party not want to curb Federal government spending?

And, in the "read 'em and weep" category, two offerings:

Read Riverbend and weep for our lost ideals.

Read Wampum and weep for families and children.

South Dakota, is on the verge of outlawing abortions.

Lead Balloons at Bad Attitudes is right. Our country should have responded better to Spain's catastrophe.

Josh Marshall is right about the "Committee on Resources" website and I'm glad he's on the story now, because no one seemed to care when I blogged it last June. Watch that page...the one I saw originally was even more outrageous than the one Josh is discussing now. (It would be worth poking around on government websites and seeing which other ones are being used as re-election tools, don't you think?) (Note: I've discovered that the press release linked to in my original post has been removed from the site, possibly when they redesigned it. We need a way to save individual pages to track this stuff,)

Read Healing Iraq for Zeyad's perspective on the new transitional law in Iraq.

Jeff talks about the polarization of our country and how the gay marriage issue is highlighting what the problems are.

Avedon Carol is defending Howard Stern. Me, I find Howard Stern obnoxious, annoying and not very bright (based on a whole sixty seconds of viewing time), but I agree that the timing of his 'suspension' in certain markets is a bit suspect.

Read how a bad bill becomes a law.

If you like scary stories, read a "neocon among the Tories" and learn about some of the more extreme views those will money (and, by implication, power) have.

Via Bark Bark Woof Woof, we learn that, " the Department of Health and Human Services is under investigation for producing stealth "news" segments for local TV station consumption promoting the new Medicare legislation."

Body and Soul hasn't given up hope that we can do something about the electronic voting fiasco-in-the-making.

TomPaine ponders the Gay GOP.

Buzzflash puzzles over the Bush campaign ads so far.

The Poor Man designs an ad of his own.

The other Kennedy speech you should read. (Via Editor's Cut.)

Good news! Henry In Africa is back! At least, he will be if his internet café connection works.

How do you know who's really naughty or nice?

And now, let's finish off with a bit of humor. Helen Thomas on The Gridiron Club.

There. That should keep you busy for a few minutes. Now I really am gone for two days.

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