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March 19, 2004
Insanity all over the world

The headlines? Bah and humbug.

Buncha crazies. Every place you look, you find people acting like crazies.

If you've been thinking about civil liberties, you might want to read Barbara Clark Smith on the 'freedoms' enjoyed by early colonists in this country. Some interesting stuff.

If you're worrying over government spending, the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about the 2005 budget currently under debate.

If you're wondering about November, you might care to know that there are more than two horses in the race.

(And while you're at CJR, take a look at how WaPo's "no more anonymous sources" policy is working out for them.)

If unemployment is what's on your mind, you may be interested in reading about how undercounting unemployment numbers works and how it affects us.

Is defense and security spending your thing?

A policy task force comprised of nine defense and national security experts today released a report that concludes the Bush Administration's steep military spending increases haven't strengthened U.S. security since the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Found it here and you can read the Executive Summary or the full 22-page report For the record, I think the problems with military budgeting and spending go far beyond the current Bush Administration. We've needed changes there for a long time.

And, speaking of an unwise use of money, do our expenditures to fight 'terrorism' fall into that category?

And, speaking of fighting, that's what's happening in Kosovo.

If social and economic equality are your bag, consider attending a conference to discuss the problem and, hopefully, frame some possible solutions.

If gay marriage is where your attention is these days, maybe you want to read more about Jason West, the New York state mayor charged for issuing gay marriage licenses. Seems this guy is likely to build a political career on this issue.

Also read about the " thunderclaps of repression against a ritual most Americans believe will become law in their lifetimes ring[ing] a bit hollow."

Ellis Henican disses Dubya's wardrobe and points out that constant reminders of the man's problematic 'military service' aren't likely to do his campaign any good. All on the one-year anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, another activity that isn't currently winning many supporters.

Nor is Guantanamo. As even the military's appointed defense lawyers are saying. And as some publications are saying rather more dramatically.

There are other problems with the prosecutions in the ill-starred camp. Like...what do you do when the investigator investigating an alleged infraction winds up under investigation?

Others are even less polite about the Bush Administration's record to date.

A blogger finds his belief in a liberal media machine challenged.

Also, I hadn't realized some people disagreed so strongly with Eric Alterman's book that they actually formed a group blog to prove him wrong.

I took a look at the blog. Interesting. I'm hoping they shake down into something a little more rational. There are places where there the nitpicking is absurd and (as I've said before) namecalling is childish and never sways me to agree with the writer.

Also, I'd be more impressed if they consistently provided links to back up their assertions of bias. Some entries, like this one not only illustrate that they should but also serve as an object lesson to the newbie blogger on why not to go overboard with formatting. The combination of italics and bold text makes this read like an hysterical wingnut rant.

I may keep an eye on the blog, though. It's an interesting idea.

Bias is one thing. Stealing and making stuff up is something else entirely.

Public opinion can do a lot. It can force a group of ignorant bigots to back down from a plan to institutionalize discrimination.

If only we could fix their brains as easily as we can fix their public actions.

And, speaking of bigotry, don't let anyone tell you that a subtle racism isn't alive and well in this country.

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