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March 30, 2004
Surfing the Headlines

By the way, before I forget, I heard on NPR* yesterday that Condaleeza Rice's story that she wasn't going to testify publicly because no one in her job ever did, was untrue. First, she was talking about testifying before Congress, which isn't the same as testifying before the presidentially appointed commission. Second, it's happened twice before. During the Carter and Clinton Administrations, the National Security Advisers testified publicly. So she was just, you know. Mistaken or something.

(*Also, a few weeks ago, I heard a story about a guy who has invented a gizmo to let rifles shoot around corners. But it's okay. As he explained, the device is expensive, so he's just sure criminals won't be able to afford it while our police and military will.)

What do I think about Rice? I suspect it was a shell game. The media jumped on the Rice story and suddenly no one was discussing Bush's insistence on a closed-door, one-hour session with just a few commission members any more. I think Rice was the sacrificial goat. Others might be coming to the same conclusion.

Elsewhere in the world, people are still finding the James Yee story troubling. As am I.

People are finding the whole military tribunals process troubling, too.

And I'm sorry, but I find barring someone from speaking their native language just ridiculous. Could we be making ourselves look any more helpless and inept? (I wonder if the military, and the Bush Administration, ever stop to regret the homophobia that made them bar the few Arabic speaking translators they might have been able to use in Guantanamo?)

On the other hand, I hardly think an editorial investigation, no matter how rigorous, compares to Guantanamo Bay and that is exactly the kind of over-the-top, inappropriate rhetoric that drives me nuts in the press. (On the other hand, I can't say I'm impressed by stories of secret investigations, so I'm not supporting the BBC's behavior at the moment.)

Here at home, do you know where your waste goes?

Yes, Presidential Bush the First had a gold mine and if we were really faced with a dominant, liberal media, you'd have heard all about it fifteen years or more ago. But an interview with Greg Palast is always worth reading, so read all of this one. (I'm not saying I blindly believe every word he says, just that he makes me think.) (By the way, did you know that Adolph Hitler owned a large range in Eastern Colorado? Yep, he did.)

How strong is the Taliban in Afghanistan these days?

I'm assuming you already read this but maybe you didn't and so I'm linking to it today.

And let's stick with some more humorous stories.

Silly election facts is one.

And have you read about The Great American Man-Dog Marriage Panic yet?

I totally feel this way much of the time.

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The Village Voice article on bestiality referenced the prankster who sparked a remarkably serious debate with modest cow clothing. Reminded me of a Shel Silverstein poem which someone put to music (and sang on a CD my 2-year old adores):

They've put a brassiere on a camel,
She wasn't dressed proper, you know.
They've put a brassiere on a camel,
So that her humps wouldn't show.
And they're making other respectable plans,
They're even even insisting the pigs should wear pants,
They'll dress up the ducks if we give them the chance
Since they've put a brassiere on a camel.


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