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April 02, 2004
The Usual Trash

Yep, it's Friday. Let's see what got thrown out.

The highway bill passed.

The Virginia state government could shut down. They're fighting about taxes. Republicans want to raise them. They'll be voting on it.

Colin Powell says it's possible that those Iraqi trailers had nothing to do with WMD.

An additional 13 million tourists will have to submit to fingerprinting and possibly photographing if they want to visit the USofA this fall.

And we've sanctioned 13 foreign companies for selling Iran "equipment and technology that can be used with unconventional weapons" in the words of the sedate, Financial Times and "equipment and expertise that could be used to make nuclear chemical and biological weapons" in the words of the less-restrained Voice of America.

The Bush Administration seems to be firing a few shots of their own in that debate over whether or not the Administration is dismissing or distorting scientific evidence to support its own positions.

Hot debate continues over the proposed security fence for the Capitol. I hadn't realized they'd been discussing fencing the building in for the last twenty years? That would have been...what...the Reagan years?

Possibly fearing another PR disaster, the Bush Administration is already reversing itself and saying they 9/11 Commission can look at those withheld Clinton papers.

And the NYTimes offers us a "White House Memo" that says that maybe the Clinton Administration to Bush Administration transition was too simple.

There's the hint of a suggestion that just maybe some people in the Bush transition team didn't quite grasp some of the subleties involved on the kinds of topics that maybe could have let al Qaeda go on a rampage nine months later. Maybe sometimes an incoming Presidential transition team is too busy gloating that they won the election. The word "hubris" does appear, yes.

One odd thing I noticed as I started reading the article was the hotlinking of Bush's name which, if you click on it, takes you to a Bush campaign info page in the paper's Campaign 2004 section.

Because when talking about the Clinton - Bush transition in 2000, it's necessary to remind us that Bush is running again this year?

Well, it's not, no, so it was a useless link in terms of the story, but that's not actually what struck me as odd.

If you click on the main "candidates index" heading for theCampaign 2004 section, all of the Democratic candidates appear, even those no longer running, which is sort of handy, but there's no link to Bush from that page. The only way to get to the Bush page (that I could find) was straight from that one story.

Anyhow, the article didn't have much else to offer except a pointless anecdote about Bush I's ability to adjust a chair.

Beyond telling us that the Bush Administration wasn't listening when the outgoing Clinton Administration tried to brief them, I'm not sure what I was supposed to learn from that article.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:07 PM