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April 05, 2004
Monday's Land O'Blog

I dunno if this is true, but I doubt it. (Link via Avedon Carol.)

Or maybe I don't doubt it, but I just distrust this site's info because it has that peculiar aura I associate with conspiracy-theorists? Amateur design with too many colors and fonts and exclamation points always strikes me as hysterical.

I don't doubt there are some bad apples in the political basket, of course. I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear of incidents of vote-tampering.

But systematic, wide-spread fraud? They'd have to be crazy. That kind of thing is too easy to detect.

I'll admit that the fact that of all of these "upsets" we've seen discussed over the last year, it strikes me as peculiar that not one surprise vote outcome has been in favor of a Democrat. I suppose it's not out of the question that specific races were targeted for (ahem) special attention.

I'm not saying that's the case and I'm not even sure we've seen enough "surprises" to be statistically significant but that's not really the point.

The last thing any election/vote in this country needs is even the appearance of fraud and anything that causes even more voters in this country to believe that their vote won't be counted and doesn't matter, is a bad, bad, thing. Paper ballots people. We need paper ballots.

James at Outside the Beltway adds to the growing body of opinion saying that the Bush Administration is oddly (he says, "remarkably") reluctant to admit an error, and that this trait is doing them damage.

Are we watching the End Game In Iraq?

Sunday was bad.

Alterman says, We Told You So.

Tom Englehardt discusses Guantanamo, Iraq, and, well, it's hard to know what to call it. The evolution of our system of justice, maybe? I dunno. I haven't had time to properly digest what he says, but you should read it.

Digby and some commentors take on the question of the status of 'contract security workers.'

Andrew Olmsted returns to the story about UsofA soldiers forcing Iraqis to jump into a river.

Edward at Obsidian Wings says we're not looking closely enough at the U.N.'s "Oil For Food" program.

David at Orcinus discusses how the white-supremacists helped elect a Democrat to the Louisiana governor's office, proving that vote-splitting works both ways.

JaneGalt (Asymmetrical Information) is going to be moving. In the meantime, Mindless H. Dreck offers an interesting post about Puritans, marriage, and porn.

Over at Cliopatria, Ralph Luker on The Blog, a post that's started some discussion.

If you read Gary Farber, you already know he was "engaged in apodyopsis after sadly and involuntarily being colposinquanonic, which resulted in exsibilation, but also to sphallolalia." And a lot of other things.

Hey, I missed this earlier. Gotta love their hypocrisy. I mean, you have to wonder why one liberal group is so threatening to democracy if, as Jerry says, there are at least 350 right-wing organizations out pushing for Bush?

(Googlebomb moment. Jew.)

And, via Elayne, today's good grief moment.

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