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April 07, 2004

Don't bother to look it up.

Marcus Gee thinks the UsofA is in trouble in Iraq not because we're acting like an empire, but because we're not.

David Clark gave me some food for thought. Is the "war on terror" going to succeed no matter how badly we botch it? (I dunno. He bases a lot of his beliefs on the weaknesses of religious fundamentalism but history says that when a bunch of rabid 'believers' find themselves on the losing side, they tend to ratchet up the body count. There's some mental quirk that makes them think they're proving their moral superiority by shedding an ocean of blood.)

Iraq. What. A. Mess. from Molly Ivins covers what a couple of major bloggers have to say about Iraq and now I'm blogging her column, which closes the circle.

Andy Rooney isn't talking about Richard Clark as much as he's talking about the book selling game. (And he's quite right about that "terror" versus "terrorism" thing. Drives me nuts.)

Seem like LA (or, at least the LATimes) is celebrating the guy who invented the laugh track.

We should pay attention to Richard C. Leone and Bernard Wasow are talking about the gas pump. Oil prices are going up here in part because the Bush Administration, while making speeches about how they supported a strong dollar, has allowed the dollar to fall.

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