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April 08, 2004
Told You So

The war in Afghanistan isn't over.

Forces of a northern strongman overran the capital of a remote Afghan province Thursday, the interior minister said, in a burst of factional violence undermining the authority of U.S.-backed President Hamid Karzai.

In the south, clashes left at least seven people dead, including two Afghan soldiers, and two police officers killed in an attack by suspected Taliban, officials said Thursday. A militant also was killed and an American soldier was wounded.

Could we spare some energy to care about the war most of us did support?

And in the other war, looks like things are still heating up.

Arabic television station al-Jazeera has shown footage of three Japanese civilians it said were taken hostage by a previously unknown Iraqi group.

The group, called the Mujahideen Brigades, said it would kill the hostages unless Tokyo withdrew its troops from Iraq within three days.

Eight South Korean church ministers are also reported to have been seized by an unnamed Iraqi group.
And a British civilian went missing in the town of Nasiriya on Tuesday.

And how about this one.

Rumsfeld: Troops May Stay Longer in Iraq

More U.S. troops could be sent to Iraq and other U.S. forces could stay longer than planned to deal with the latest surge in violence, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said.

While Rumsfeld insisted Wednesday that the fighting was not spinning out of control, his remarks were the clearest signal yet that U.S. officials were likely to increase the overall number of troops in Iraq nearly a year after President Bush declared major combat in the country completed.

I don't remember seeing either of those two stories on the front page of CNN, ABC, or CBS this morning.

I hadn't said anything, but I was thinking something similar to this on the way home last night. (More than that, I was wondering if Iraq really wanted rid of Hussein if it was the UsofA who accomplished the task. From the Iraqi response to 'coalition' troops, I get the feeling that even people who were in danger under the Hussein regime preferred that to being 'liberated' by the hated West.)

Things are bad on the Ivory Coast. With little fanfare and no headlines, the Bush Administration was working with others to make real progress toward a cease-fire between the north and the south parts of the country. But I heard on NPR the other night that a different war has broken out. Now, it seems, "Black" Muslims are at war with "Arab" Muslims. There's an audio file of the NPR story here.

If you can't afford it, don't buy it. I approve.

I approve of bipartisanship.

And I approve of not letting the Bush Administration spend-and-pork its way into public favor after it spent three years starving the government of funds for the kinds of projects I believe in, so I certainly approve of not allowing the Bush Administration to submit a budget that doesn't budget for things we all know they're going to want. Like funding for their war on Iraq.

In the past, I have endorsed spreading your political reading and discussion across both sides of the aisle. Remember? Someone else agrees with me. Talking to people who disagree with you can save you from becoming a wingnut.

Avedon Carol is back on-line and on a roll. (She wanted a link for stories on "cash-only doctors. Here is the one to the story I read.)

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