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April 09, 2004
Winston Churchill Day

I don't have much to say about that. I'm a bit tired of politics and politicians at the moment.

Sometimes, on a lazy Friday, I offer examples from the weird and wild annals of my search referrals but not today. Today hasn't been that lazy.

I'll content myself with saying that some people have some extremely odd, and extremely specific, ahem interests. You can find anything on-line. You just have to know how to search. Based on the search parameters I see in my stats, I'm thinking a "how to search" guide could be useful for a lot of these connoisseurs of the unusual.

I've been exploring my statistics program and have discovered it collects an astonishing range of information.

I am surprisingly unpopular on Wednesdays. I'd give up Wednesday blogging but I'm not doing this for your benefit. Hmph.

I am impressed by the number of you who wait until the evening hours when (presumably) you're not at work, to read blogs. Except for that odd 1:00 a.m. spike. (I'd rather you didn't get drunk before you read me but maybe I'm easier to stand that way. I don't know. I don't care enough to make a real fuss about it.)

The Netherlands is very fond of me. Israel is not. Hits from the USofA Military aren't frequent enough to worry me. I must look up Seychelles on a map.

So far I've only permabanned 30 IP addresses from accessing my page, all of which were used by comment-spammers.

In other news (that means we're about to start considering topics not immediately related to my fascinating self), you should always read comments. Reading comments leads you to cool, new sites and interesting posts or scolds.

Yesterday evening, I revisited the Museum of Broadcast Communication's Television Encyclopedia.

As a brief essay on the 'journalistic' history of television is interesting, leaves me wanting more, and annoys me because of the absurd page formatting. Interested, enticed, and annoyed. That's a pretty good haul for one short essay.

However, browsing around the site, I have trouble believing I found this in the Green Acres essay:

Prestigious lawyer Oliver Wendell Douglas [] and his socialite wife Lisa [] trade in their exhausting Park Avenue existence for the simple country pleasures, which they imagine await them wrapped in a cloak of Jeffersonian idealism, glorious sunrises, and the smell of new-mown hay. What they find instead is a consensus reality which flies in the face of Cartesian logic, Newtonian physics, and Harvard-sanctioned positivism.

I always remembered it as a harmless show where Eva Gabor was vaguely annoying. If I'd known I was being bathed in the profound aura of Harvard-sanctioned positivism . . . I probably would have turned it off and read a book.

I don't Believe, as you might have suspected, but those in charge of the company I work for do. That means I'm out of here now until Monday. Y'all have a nice weekend. Especially those of you in places not anticipating 6-8 inches of snow over the weekend.

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