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April 16, 2004
National Stress Awareness Day

I refuse to be aware of my stress. If you become aware of it, it feels loved and needed and then there it is, sleeping on your couch and eating all the chips, for the next six months.

Nope. I'm not encouraging that kind of thing.

No, instead I'm pretending it's tomorrow and I'm celebrating National Cheeseball Day.

Recent cheeseballs:

People who encourage killing their political opponents.

That guy in the White House, as a young man.

And, on the same person, ducking responsibility.

The infamous "Committee on Resources" site is now explaining that the Endangered Species Act is a complete, 100% failure. What endangered species' need isn't habitat, it's bioengineering or something.

If you were three dozen Russian security experts and you expected to meet with USofA government representatives for a critical talk about decommissioning chemical warheads and such weighty topics, would you feel dissed if you were met by two and only two USofA Congressional aides - each about 25 years old? I'd feel dissed. Or, not. With the combined funding, it doesn't appear this was an "official" trip. It's hard to say.

People who lie about WMD.

Oxy Corp. (The U'wa seem to be heros.)

Administrations that hire Iran-Contra schemers.

The USofA media? Acting like cheeseballs.

Administrations that fail to safeguard the people they've put at risk.

Endangering people's health for meaningless "points" qualifies you.

Gluttony for prizes in a world where children starve to death every day. Cheeseball behavior.

Corporations that pay 'protection' money.

Paranoia about wingnut conspiracies is cheesball, but sometimes you have to wonder.

And, hey, lookit this! There really is a vast, right-wing conspiracy and they have tee-shirts.

I think that's fabulous. Warning: I'm a bit annoyed that all I did was visit the site and then today I wound up on their mailing list. I'd rather not be spammed, thankyouverymuch. (Later note: No, no, they're not spamming me. I forgot I'd signed up for the "Right-Wing Conspiracy Newsletter." They promised it would be funny. I'll keep you posted.)

Bored now.

The 9/11 Commission is under fierce attack by at least one publication.

And it looks like we're about done with Afghanistan. No, the job isn't done. We didn't find bin Laden, we haven't destroyed the Taliban, and the country is neither safe nor secure. Freedom and democracy? Don't make me laugh. Still. I do understand that that the numbers of soldiers on the ground might change from time to time. I'm just…well, I continue to be bitterly disappointed that we've done such an inadequate job in that country.

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