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April 16, 2004
The saga continues

If this is true, it's an example of exactly the kind of foreign policy we need to stop pursuing.

Attention Must Be Paid to the erosion of upward mobility.

Charles Pierce, today's Alternate Altercator talks about the big press conference the other day. He disses the "I wish I had that question in advance" moment, which I think people are treating much too seriously. (Who among us hasn't floundered, brain horrifyingly blank, at a critical moment?) He also mentions the "I have some must-calls" moment which I think people are failing to understand. It wasn't a "press conference" it was a tightly scripted television appearance designed to bolster the man's presidential campaign.

Unlike others, I didn't think this was Bush's worst appearance in front of us…not by a long shot, but I also didn't think it was designed to do anything but give us the impression that Bush and only Bush is able to push through to some nebulous 'victory' in Iraq.

I'm not much worried about him being someone who 'means what he says' though. He doesn't say much beyond clichés and platitudes.

Donald Trump, blowhard.

Okay, I'm done. I was gonna do a blogaround and maybe respond to some of the thoughts posted during the New Liberal Vision project which is still spawning thoughts by new contributors, but everyone is being too profound and intelligent for me to excerpt them, either on or off of that topic.

I'll have to print all of the posts and all of the comments and take them to the mountains with me this weekend so I can give them the attention they deserve.

And write out comments that I'll curse myself for having to transcribe when I get back to town, but I'll face that problem on Sunday.

Don't stop talking before I get back, okay?

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