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April 19, 2004

A top Saudi official has assured President Bush that his country will increase oil production to lower gas prices before November to help the president's re-election prospects, according to a broadcast report Sunday." Because they love him, yes they do.

"The White House is considering the creation of a powerful new post to oversee all of the nation's intelligence agencies, Bush administration officials said Friday." Because what we need with spiraling deficits is yet more government.

"Judges on a little-known federal court that decides claims against the government are appointed for 15 years, but collect their full six-figure salaries for a lifetime for a workload that averaged fewer than two trials each in one recent year." Because making it a lifetime appointment in reality, in spite of the mandated 15 year term, keeps the judges honest, according to the article.

"A robotic plane deliberately dropped a bomb near a truck at Edwards Air Force Base on Sunday, marking another step forward for technology the U.S. military hopes will one day replace human pilots on dangerous combat missions." Because taking the danger of 'us' dying out of the equation will make us so much happier about invading other countries

"First they came for Howard. Why isn't everyone who cares about free speech rallying around the embattled radio personality?" Because…well, I don't know. Indecency rules are under attack, apart from Howard Stern's case.

"Years after President Bush set off alarm bells in the Muslim world by referring to his war against terrorism as a "crusade," the word that Arabs equate with Christian brutality has resurfaced in a Bush campaign fund-raising letter…" Because he called it a crusade originally and he's a guy who means what he says.

"Richard Clarke’s decision to step out publicly and write Against All Enemies is more shocking than the revelations within." Because being an honest man in politics isn't easy.

"The scenario for the flash mob was simple: At exactly 1 p.m. Sunday, several hundred people were to converge on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just outside the Kremlin walls and place flowers and black swastikas there." Because there's no idea so silly it can't be exported

"How fares the multination cover-up of the richest rip-off in world history? Because the U.N. needs to be better than that. Because we should have been better than that.

"Meanwhile Afghanistan, where NATO assumed peacekeeping responsibility last August, is not progressing well. NATO's European members have failed to contribute sufficient troops to extend the peacekeeping presence much outside the capital, and the resulting power vacuum has been filled by warlords." Because we took our troops and moved on to a new war.

"BILL CLINTON CAUSED 9/11. Because it's different when George does it. And because some people need to be reminded that Clinton did, in fact, strike against al Qaeda.

What would America be without its public libraries? We may get a chance to find out because libraries are facing unprecedented economic challenges. Budget cuts have weakened or closed libraries in more than 40 states in the past year." Because free access to information supports freedom and democracy.

Salam, Rhodri, and Gregor talk about the blog. Because they can.

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Now where in the hell did they get that drawing of me?

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