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April 19, 2004
I Object

I object to this kind of 'oversight' of universities.

I object to breaching the wall separating church and state. At the same time, I object to objecting to people voting their private consciences. Let them vote the way they feel they should, then you vote via the ballot box.

I object to an Administration that tries to keep important information away from the voters.

I object to invading a country then putting inoffensive, noncombatant citizens under a kind of neighborhood arrest.

I object to this. If Bush was raised by a mother, and wife of a former president, who thinks she's too special to look at the consequences of her son's actions…well, that explains a lot.

I object to this mindset. I'm also appalled, and a bit frightened, by it. What kind of lunatics think you should just act without studying the situation and trying to anticipate the consequences of your actions? (Well, the kind that invades countries with no plan for dealing with the aftermath, I guess.)

I object to this behavior. If you want to protest, go ahead. Don't pretend it's a corporate position if it isn't.

There's no personal animus in it, I've decided that being a dork isn't reason enough to dislike someone, but I will say that the more I learn about the facts behind their actions, the more I object to the Bush Administration.

I Don't Object

Check out this column. Interesting reading about " the urbanization of insurgency." (I'd like to read that RAND report.)

Read Arianna Huffington on the need for "an overarching moral vision for America." (My apologies if I linked to this previously.)

Read Bill McKibben on, One Nation, Underperforming.

I'm just saying. Originally, I was mightily puzzled to explain how someone like Bob Woodward could have written such a kiss-up book on Bush's run-up to invasion war, and I refused to buy a copy of it. I'm a bit relieved to realize, now, that Woodward had a Plan of Attack all along. How crafty of him.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:13 PM