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April 20, 2004
A Few Quick Ones

In Massachusetts, one legislator is trying to blackmail the state's Supreme Court justices into changing their stance on gay marriage.

The White House is backing down on some of those new regulations banning overtime for some workers.

Environmental awards have been made.

And Indiana police officer won't be reinstated after being fired for refusing to work in a casino. The Supreme Court says the police department isn't required to assign people to jobs according to their religion.

But the Supreme Court won't be hearing the Texas redistricting case.

From 12/7 to 9/11, we seem to keep making the same mistakes.

Is it respectful to avoid showing pictures of flag-draped coffins in the news or just pandering to the White House's desire to keep the war at a distance? That's an important question regardless of who's in the White House.

And, speaking of the White House, Cheney was censored in China.

The military would like to be exempted from environmental regulations and 39 states have filed objections. (Before you get over-excited, remember that every story has two sides. I might not really believe "them" but they're entitled to have a hearing.)

You may find it hard to believe that the CEO-to-worker pay ratio was once about 15-1. Especially when you read reports of how it now passes 300-1. That's up, you'll notice, from the 42-to 1 ratio in 1982.

And, speaking of leadership failings, Trent Lott is still sulking over losing his leadership role in the Senate.

The U.K.'s EU referendum is their biggest story this week.

Want a little sarcasm in your news this morning?

Did I link to this yesterday? I think I forgot. Read it. Is funny.

Yes, I read everyone's New Liberal Vision entries. Yes, I still intend to make comments. Eventually.

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