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April 22, 2004
Death all around
As many as 3,000 people were killed or injured Thursday when two trains carrying oil and liquefied petroleum gas collided and exploded in a North Korean train station, South Korean media reported.

Was it an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Il?

Chinese babies in a second province have died after being fed "fake milk."

[…] an investigation will be held into why the Fuyang city government failed to act despite knowing about the problem last May.

I don't have words….

Work on restoring power in Iraq, which has not yet attained Hussein-era levels, is going to slow down as Siemens AG pulls its people out. GE is doing the same.

Justice is supposed to be blind, but sometimes it peeks and injustice results.

So, what's behind withholding a report on atrocities in the Sudan while the UN is debating the Sudan? Okay, it's not a permanent burial of the report, but if I were going there, I might want to know what to look for. (On the other hand, I might want to go in with a relatively open mind.)

"Always ignore the experts" seems to form a large part of the Bush Administration's operating strategy. Certainly there's a growing consensus that logical analysis doesn't play much of a part in how they make decisions.

What is the world going to do about Kosovo?

I don't approve of "enemy combatants." I don't approve of semantic gyrations and euphemisms that are used to bypass the law. Guantanamo detainees need to be subject to USofA law or the Geneva Conventions or something. You can't just lock people up indefinitely and keep them out of the public eye hoping we'll forget about them.

It's encouraging to see that some students still organize to fight corporate misdoings.

Was a Palestinian boy tied to the hood of a jeep by Israeli soldiers and used as a "human shield" to protect themselves against rock-throwing children?

"In my judgment, the whole world should have said: 'Thank you, Ariel. Now we have a chance to begin the construction of a peaceful Palestinian state.'"

President Bush, defending his support for an Israeli plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip but leave some settlements on the West Bank, a stance sharply criticized in the Arab world.

This quote was buried at the end of an article discussing how the Bush Administration won't talk to Congress clearly about what future funding needs in Iraq are going to be.

Of course, we know why not. They don't want those budget-busting numbers in the headlines while Bush is out fund-raising and stumping for votes.

(And, the spiteful part of my brain whispers, when Bush isn't re-elected, they're hoping to leave the next President, a Democrat, in an ugly, ugly spot. So that when the whole project fails, they can pretend it wasn't because it was mortally flawed from the start.)

It's always interesting to see a new genre appear in the literary world, but this one is likely to be short-lived.

Official investigation into Wooward's claim that the Bush Administration diverted $700 million earmarked for Afghanistan and used it in their efforts to ramp up for an invasion of Iraq is beginning.

Tax loopholes for pork projects and stupid buying incentives make me tired. I'm telling myself this loophole has nothing to do with the millions spent purchasing SUVs so VIPs could ride around in Baghdad's "green zone" feeling like Rambo, but it all just adds to my loathing of the unsafe, gas-guzzling, traffic-snarling monstrosities. (More on that second article later. Link via John McKay.)

The baby has two mommy mice, no daddy mouse. It's fascinating what science learns with these oddball experiments.

What does it take to stop people from littering? talking trashcans?

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