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April 22, 2004
Y'all come back, now!

As you're leaving, pop by these sites for a look-see.

Avedon Carol takes on the thankless task of, once again, trying to explain the difference between "elite" and "intellectual." She'll fail, as most people have failed, because they're fighting the wrong battle*, but she's always thought-provoking, so read it anyhow.

(* Why not, instead, work to show the people that government is not in fact, beyond their intellectual capacity? The average citizen might not have time to memorize all the figures in the budget or analyze all the potential ramifications of a free trade act, but they can easily grasp the less-intellectual-than-you-might-think basic provisions. Government, after all, is made up of average people who just happen to have a taste for public office. It's a mistake to think they're some how smarter or better than the rest of us.)

The "airy-fairy elite" stigma will cease to have any force once a significant percentage of the voters not only understand what's going on in Washington, but are proud of understanding it.)

Check out Bad Attitudes where everything posted in the last 48 hours (and before, of course) is worth reading. And this bit gave me a giggle.

Jeanne says it all.

Chris Nelson tells us "the rest of the story" about the woman who brought us the flag-draped coffins in Kuwait. (Here.) The government's policy is just wrong and that's all there is to it. It was wrong in the past and it's wrong today. Part of supporting the troops is honoring those who have given "the last full measure of devotion" in their country's service. Hiding returning coffins isn't about "respect" or "sensitivity" for the families. It's about politics and public relations. (Arthur agrees.)

Jonathan Dresner puts into words much of my thoughts about Doonesbury's current story line and adds information I didn't know about publications refusing to carry it. It seems that people being wounded in war and maybe even dying aren't suitable material for the USofA newspaper public.

TalkLeft is still on the threatening conscription plan.

Pen-Elayne covered a story I heard and read about, but didn't comment on here. That was Mordechai Vanunu's release from an Israeli prison. You don't heard much talk about it because WMD in the Middle East are okay if they're in the right hands.

skippy is talking mercenaries and money.

Yes, I'm still going to blog about the Village Voice article, but in the meantime, Robert Tagorda blogs it but offes no opinion I can identify.

Here and there, Mark Moford has become the flavor o'the month.

Funny, funny, funny.

It appears that I missed the announcement (or maybe I was being dissed?) that the Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash is back for a third (?) year.

I'd like to attend, indeed, at this moment I'm planning to, but I'd like not to be the only liberal there this year.

I had a very unfortunate experience with it last year, but that has nothing to do with the largely Conservative views of the attendees. It was an unexpected and unfortunate reaction between some medication I was taking and the beer I drank. My memories of the Bash, then, are blurred but I distinctly remember the next two days of enforced bed-rest. On second thought....

Posted by AnneZook at 10:48 AM


Thanks again for the plug! I only know of a few blogs that mentioned Vanunu, and a couple of them were complaining about how nobody else was talking about him. :)

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at April 23, 2004 12:12 PM

It was one of those stories I expected everyone to jump on, which is the only reason I hadn't mentioned it before. Once I realized blogdom was ignoring it, I got annoyed. :)

Posted by: Anne at April 23, 2004 12:36 PM

You certainly won't be the only liberal there! Maybe you and TalkLeft could carpool.

Well, at least I'm not a conservative.

Don't forget to get your entry to the Rocky Mountain Blog Roundup, held this weekend at Resurrectionsong.com.

Posted by: Walter at April 24, 2004 02:30 PM

I think Jeralyn is in Colorado Springs. I'm in Denver, and I work close to downtown, so I'll be coming directly from the office if I make it. But a handful of liberals (I know there are thousands in Colorado) would be nice to see!

(I don't submit posts to the roundup. :) I don't say anything I think is that worthy of advertising. LOL)

Posted by: Anne at April 26, 2004 09:53 AM