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April 28, 2004

From QuickTakes:

President Bush on the economy:

"So that's what -- there's some ideas. And the -- it's -- my job is to, like, think beyond the immediate."

*White House transcript of President Bush on the economy:

"So that's -- those are some ideas. And my job is to think beyond the immediate."

Hmm, indeed.

And, from the same page, political correctness run amok:

Junior soccer leagues in the United Kingdom will now require the score of any game where a team is behind by five or more goals at halftime to be reset at 0-0 because the "feelings of all the children should be taken into account."

Apparently "all children" doesn't include the children on the winning team or the children who made those five or more goals.

Saunders gives this season's West Wing too much credit. It is not, in fact, as witty or as intelligent as it was under Sorkin. At least, not as consistently so. The episode he discusses, the two supreme court judges, had exceptional moments, though.

Check this out, culled from a recent print copy of the Denver Business Journal.

ACBJ Washington Bureau

The Transportation Security Administration is a step closer to testing a registered-traveler program after requesting proposals from private-sector firms on how to manage the system.

The agency asked firms April 5 to describe how they would provide program management, biometric capabilities, tactical operations and systems integration support.

TSA plans to award a contract in June for a pilot program, which will be tested for 90 days at three to five airports around the country. The agency will evaluate the results and decide whether to pursue it further.

Frequent travelers at the selected airports will be eligible to volunteer for the pilot. They will be fingerprinted or iris-scanned to verify their identities and assessed for security risks. If they pass, these travelers will be able to speed through airport security checkpoints.

Read Adm. David Stone, TSA's acting administrator, said the agency "will move forward with all possible speed" to develop the program.

The request for proposal is available at www.fedbizopps.gov.

I'm not saying anything.

Moving on now.

What possible excuse could there be for police to brutalize an old woman?

What possible excuse could there be for the Secret Service to terrorize a child? (If you think the child is disturbed, then by all means contact someone who can help, but "someone who can help" is not the Secret Service.)

Are you reading Big Pharoah here and here?

What happened to Matt Maupin?

Henry in Africa is back and blogging his recent experiences in the Liberian civil war. Or at least promising to tell his story in detail.

Reading Ginmar is painful, but her courage and her honesty are moving.

I may disagree with the Bush Administration's policies and procedures, but the vast majority of the soldiers actually fighting in Iraq, as well as their immediate commanding officers are… extraordinary. Their desire, their commitment to doing right by the people of Iraq is impressive.

That's why the government is wrong to sneak flag-draped coffins back into the country under cover of secrecy.

Regardless of anyone's position on the invasion and occupation, they shouldn't be denied the opportunity to honor the returning dead. The families of the soldiers should not be denied the chance of seeing their loved ones so honored.

Posted by AnneZook at 10:32 AM


Dusty Saunders has always had a soft spot for good writing on TV because it happens so rarely. He was a big backer of Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere back in their day. I agree; The West Wing has lost some of its pace without the deft dialogue of Sorkin, but compared to the other stuff out there, it's pretty good.

Posted by: Mustang Bobby at April 28, 2004 01:51 PM

Hmmm...I wrote a response but it seems to have vanished.

In short, this year's West Wing may be better than most of the dreck on television, but being superior to mindless drivel is hardly a glowing recommendation.

Posted by: Anne at April 28, 2004 02:35 PM