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April 29, 2004
There And Here

That "enemy combatant" thing is bad enough. Is this really what this country has been doing? If yes, then how do we stop it? If no, then how do we repair our reputation in the eyes of the world?

But I don't think Colin Powell is giving the USofA public enough credit. I mean, maybe we'd sour on any war where we ran into resistance, but I don't believe that. I think real support wouldn't dissipate that quickly. Unfortunately for Powell, real support is based on real information and real truth, and people are seeing that we weren't served up much of that before we invaded Iraq.

So, the Bush Administration is willing to do anything to fight this war on terror[ism] except, you know, fund sensible investigations.

You now what strikes me about Bush & Cheney and the 9/11 Commission? The power play of having the questioning take place in the Oval Office. Someone really interested in getting at the truth would have chosen a different White House room or even gone to the Commission. But in the Bush Administration, it's all about looking presidential…not about being a real leader.

The thing I find most amusing about Cheney's fight to keep his consultations with the energy industry secret is the way one of those over-the-top, Clinton-era, Republican laws is being used against Cheney. Not for the last time, a Republican is getting kicked in the teeth by some short-sighted piece of legislation passed mostly to be used as a weapon against Clinton.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. So wrong. It's been tacitly accepted for decades that political access is "sold" to campaign contributors. Maybe now that politicians are becoming so blatant about it, we can have some real reform?

Max Boot makes sense today.

Hopefully by the time you read this, the photo essay of the new WWII memorial on the front page of the Washington Post today will still be available.

"Conserve," they cried. And we did. Cars went unwashed, lawns went unwatered, households fixed leaky taps and stopped running the dishwasher half full of dishes. Water usage was down. Of course, that means fees collected for water usage were down and now they're talking about raising fees, almost doubling them, to make up for the lost revenue. You just can't win, can you?

Norway is still considering pulling out of Iraq.

Where is Kim Jong II? The paranoid psychotic is mostly likely hiding in fear, believing the recent North Korean train explosion was an assassination attempt. I wouldn't be surprised it it had been.

Is the U.K. evolving from (c)onservative to (l)iberal?

It's everyone's planet, not just ours, you know. We need to clean up our act.

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