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April 30, 2004
Less Disturbing Reading

Common Dreams can scoff, but I agree with Kerry. We were lied into this war but that's no reason to walk out in the middle of a mess.

Fallujah. I contributed to the Frisbee purchasing effort. I still believe that such "human" interactions can be a key to winning peace and security for Iraq while USofA forces are still on the ground there. But maybe not yet.

I think it's possible to grant a president the power to use "appropriate and necessary force" to achieve and end but find that his methods are neither appropriate not necessary. Looks like this might be under discussion in the Supreme Court.

A sign of the times. More of the disintegration of civil liberties or a necessary move?

If bin Laden didn't personally telegraph the Bush Administration an engraved invitation with date and time on it, they couldn't have been expected to know 9/11 was going to take place. That seems to be a condensed version of Bush's 9/11 testimony. (The interview excerpt I heard on NPR had him saying that he was satisfied the commission had a better understanding of "how I think" which makes little sense.)

Bush reacts to abuses of Iraqi prisoners. "I didn't like it one bit." (Okay, that was sort of unfair, being a partial quote, but I'm still disturbed by the entire thing.)

Did academics have more freedom under Hussein? Who's behind this? Iranian hardliner insurgents?

Krugman isn't at all sure that my "we made the mess, it's up to us to clean it up" approach to Iraq is right. The numbers worry him.

Bob Edwards signs off Morning Edition. Drat.

News Item: "The United States is preparing to significantly raise its estimate of the number of nuclear weapons held by North Korea, from 'possibly two' to at least eight...."

As we continue our relentless search of Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.

From today's QuickTakes.

The Guardian takes a look at Bush's 9/11 testimony…or rather the fog of the completely informal and nonbonding, not to mention private, even secret, nature of the conversation-because-without-an-oath-it's-not-testimony, sort of chatty interlude…oh, forget it.

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