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May 03, 2004
More On Torture

PinkDreamPoppies defends a woman's right to be as mean, nasty, and degrading as a man, while making it clear that defending anyone's right to torture another human being is not what's under discussion.

And Henry refers us to a Washington Post article from 12/2002, talking about "softening up" prisoners.

Read Christopher Albritton on Abu Ghraib and then follow the links to read the entire Hersh article. (No pictures, but the very squeamish should know that the article contains descriptions of what appear in some of the photos.)

And then there's the Iraq Prison Diary.

And this.

And this.

With that, I'm done with the torture story unless something really significant is released about it. It isn't that the story isn't important, because it is. There are many people covering it, so I know we'll all be able to keep up with what's happening.

It's that I get nightmares, you see. There are no words for how these stories make me feel and it's a struggle for me to write about them…even just so briefly as to offer a handful of links.

Iraq is a mess. From a public relations point of view, it was already bad and the torture story is going to make it a disaster

The military situation seems to have developed to the point where we're gladly accepting the help of an Iraqi general (I heard on NPR that the man is popular in Hussein stronghold Falluja but not elsewhere because of his history with the Republican Guard.) to bail us out in at least one city.

The neocons' choice of Chalabi is under even more scrutiny with the revelation that he may be two-timing the USofA with Iran.

Restoration of oil production, that silver bullet to give Iraq the money it needs to survive seems to be misfiring due to unreported (in the USofA media) attacks.

I've never been in favor of leaving the job undone, but I'm wondering if, with all of the attendant security perils, the Iraqis, if left to themselves, might not make a better job of nation-building than we're doing.

Is it time to admit defeat?

Posted by AnneZook at 12:56 PM