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May 03, 2004

John McKay, fearing that the Left is suffering from Outrage Overload, goes checking to see how our "old friend former judge Roy Moore and his crusade to relegalize God in America" is doing. (Does Moore have no friends or family members willing to employ a little Tough Love and get him to a therapist?)

News flash! Exercise club owners anti-abortion! Yep, that's the story. I may not agree with the Heavins' personal politics but I don't think it's right to object just because someone runs a business catering to women uses some of their personal profit to finance causes they believe in.

It's these people's right to fund clinics that don't offer abortion. They're not bombing abortion clinics or killing doctors that provide abortions. Just funding clinics that don't. Their clinics provide services for pregnant women who are not seeking abortions. (If there's anything more to it than that, I didn't see it in the article.)

I say…the women who don't approve of the Heavins' politics can keep their money in their pockets and walk out the door, either from the clinics or from the exercise clubs. It's called pro-choice.

You might disagree with me but prohibiting people from openly giving money to support causes they care about isn't high on my list of priorities.

Also? Typically Python humor. You know the stuff. Laughing because the only alternative is to cry.

On the personal side, I spent a couple of hours this weekend and I have an estimated 4 more hours of work in front of me, "closing" comments on all of my blog entries more than about 30 days old.

I regret doing this. Some of the most interesting comments I get are on older entries but the bottom line is that I'm sick of deleting comment spam from pornographers and people making spurious offers to enlarge men's body parts.

Beyond that, you have no idea how deeply I regret the sheer quantity of posts I've made in the last year or two. Closing comments on each of them individually is the boring me to tears.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:51 PM


On the subject of the fitness club, I agree, it's up to the owners how they spend their profits. OTOH, as a consumer, it's up to me where I spend my $$$, and I don't see a problem with women not joining a club where the profits go to support something contrary to their beliefs. Just like I don't buy pizza from that delivery chain.

Posted by: Dail at May 5, 2004 10:23 AM

Well, that's exactly my point. They're free to contribute to whatever causes they support.

If any of us feel strongly that we disagree with their causes, we're free to take our money and spend it somewhere else.

It's called "freedom" or something I think. Heh.

Posted by: Anne at May 5, 2004 10:43 AM