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May 04, 2004
May 4

George thinks the upcoming election is crucial to the country's future prosperity. Guess he's voting Democrat this year.

Methodists are marching to support ordaining homosexual clerics.

Driving an SUV can get you killed. It's more dangerous than almost any other passenger vehicle. Any questions?

The bodies of five government soldiers have been found in Afghanistan. It's suspected they were kidnapped and killed by the Taliban.

Not only a draft, but a targeted draft. I dislike the draft in and of itself but I really dislike the idea of the military reviewing the records of draft-age kids and picking out the ones they want. Conscription. Forced military service. The only thing that makes it palatable at all is if it applies equally to everyone. (Okay, no, it doesn't, rich kids have usually be able to get out of it if they want to.)

But…hey…the high-tech and computer skills the military has been wishing for can be found among the scions of the rich and powerful, can't they? So if the military really does go shopping with a wish-list of talent, that could produce some interesting results.

But please do make note that the suggestion to refine and reinstitute an active draft was presented before we landed in Iraq. It's almost like someone knew we were going to go to war, in spite of the rhetoric about not invading Iraq unless we were forced to. (It's also like someone knew we were going to be there for a long, hard slog.

I didn't know from a guy named "Tillman." I don't pay attention to football and felt no more for Tillman than any other soldier sent to Iraq. As it turns out, he was something rather special.

How nice. Hard on the heels of those stories about USofA soldiers torturing and humiliating Iraqi prisoners, we learn that recently escaped USofA hostage Thomas Hamill received regular food and medical care from his captors.

Has anyone checked the scorecard? Are we sure we're the good guys?

(I know, I said I wasn't going to write about the torture stories any more, but there's just so much about it everywhere, it's hard to escape seeing the coverage.)

Also, the neocon economic approach in Iraq is failing.

And, speaking of neocons and Iraq, it turns out that their tame figurehead Chalabi turns out to be have been a touch unreliable. A convicted felon with a history of treachery proving to be unreliable? What were the odds?

(Hey! What happened to Jeanne?)

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