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May 10, 2004
Death, Disaster, And Dunces

Not having had a chance to check the world o'blog recently, I'm not sure how people are interpreting the death of the Chechen president, but I'm concerned about the additional violence this could touch off. I also regret the deaths of the six people caught in the blast and the count so far of 57 wounded.

If anyone cared about the dozens of dead babies in China in that "fake baby food formula" story, you might be interested to know that 47 people have been arrested. The problem is the same as it always is in a repressive society…are these, in fact, the people responsible or scapegoats arrested to stop a public panic?

Texas is about to celebrate another execution…that of a mentally ill man.

It's always possible that Colin Powell stays stubbornly in the middle of the Bush Administration because he's one of the few people in this country who is high-profile enough to try and balance their policies and that, in fact, they'd be happier with him out of the way. That's one way to explain how he seems to be left out of the loop so often.

Most of the information "scrubbed" from government websites should be returned to the public eye. Out of 629 Federal databases, only 66 have the potential to offer aid to a terrorist. The rest offer information that can be found elsewhere (and sometimes of better quality) on-line. (I mean…I'm assuming the Bush Administration used the "national security" argument for everything they removed. Like references to condoms or homosexuals.)

Among the "whiners" complaining about gas prices could be Denver-area subsistence-level workers facing pricing up to $2.15/gallon. I've seen it as high as $2.25 (for premium, of course.)

Has 'history' found the filter it will use to define the occupation of Iraq? (Or, at least, that part of history concerned with EvilAmerica?)

Once again we hear the argument that Bush is dumb because he wants to be.

By the way, That Story that I'm not covering any more? Rumsfeld says they told everyone it was under investigation but he underestimated how important it was to share more information because he hadn't actually seen all of the evidence.

On the other hand, Safire says people are not being fair to Rumsfeld.

I contend that the choices remain the same. Either the Bush Administration is full of evil overlord-wannabes or they're incompetent idiots unfit to be in charge of a country. Insane or inept, those are the choices.

I'm sick to death of skimming the morning headlines and seeing this kind of thing, that's all.

Posted by AnneZook at 09:08 AM


"Either the Bush Administration is full of evil overlord-wannabes or they're incompetent idiots unfit to be in charge of a country. Insane or inept, those are the choices."

Actually, I'd vote for C: All of the above. Perhaps insane on some days, inept on others. Or both at the same time. Either way, it's damned scary...

Posted by: Charles2 at May 10, 2004 09:42 AM

Actually, I think it's possible that they're just dinkheads. They had some crazy idea that keeping their "eye on the ball" was all it would take to magically force the world to fall into place or something.

I acquit them of evil intent (except insofar as it's quite evil and naughty to disagree with me) but I'm afraid I'll have to convict them of being incompetent.

Posted by: Anne at May 10, 2004 04:40 PM

It's evil to be the ruler of the free world and be a total boob. If G.W. were a chess player, he would think only one move at a time. An 8-year-old could out-think him. He is absolutely a dinkhead. Why is he president?

(Nice blog, Anne!)

Posted by: Jim Etchison at May 11, 2004 09:52 AM

It's the same think I think of every time I hear (or write) that the failure in Iraq is a failure of leadership.

There is no leadership. There's only the guy who did a lousy job of managing a couple of private companies, was repeatedly bailed out by his father's friends, and (arguably, I think) used the same influence to keep him from facing an even worse insider trading scandal than Martha Stewart was put through.

There's no leader. Only a very poor, not particularly honest manager.

Posted by: Anne at May 13, 2004 07:38 AM