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May 10, 2004
Later that same day

USA Today has their own story about Abu Ghraib. I am…dismayed.

About Rumsfeld, this time.

He does not remember exactly what he knew when. He can not recall hearing about the Red Cross report warning of prisoner abuse.

It's the language of cover-up. We've heard it before. It's all so very Richard Nixon.

An order was given to put Abu Ghraib "under the command of military intelligence officers" then the order was rescinded. Who rescinded it? When? For what reason? Did someone in high authority become aware of the abuses that took place when the order was in effect?

And who is choosing, now, to scapegoat the soldiers under the pretence that they should have considered the Geneva Conventions and protested orders given by (one presumes) officers?

Is anyone else appalled to realize that such orders could be given?

Abu Ghraib has already accumulated a "history" since the USofA "coalition" showed up. The Signs Were There.

Posted by AnneZook at 03:43 PM