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May 20, 2004
Light 'em up

One explanation for some of the massive civilian casualties in Iraq. (Via the invaluable Avedon Carol.)

What do you suppose we have on Chalabi? Not that I'm upset that he's fallen out of favor, not at all, but it's rather an abrupt turn-around in the Administration's attitude toward him, isn't it?

Go here and see Daniel slap Christopher Hitchens around for being an idiot. (And do read the Armed Forces Journal article he links to.)

And I demand to know who's ghost-writing for Noonan over at the OpinionJournal. That column couldn't have been written by the rabid wingnut we've come to know.

Education. There's still work to be done, fifty years after Brown vs Board of Education.

I see the DOW dove back below 10,000 again.

Sometimes bipartisan compromise can get you into trouble, as with this story of how 25 "noncontroversial" judges will be allowed to move through the approval process. (As for whether or not it's "in the best interests of the Republican Party, I'd suggest that the entire Republican party is not behind some of the more distasteful nominations.)

Here's to Randy Johnson for a record-shattering perfect game.

If you're nice, you could get a free airline ticket.

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