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May 20, 2004

Since when are we fighting Saddam Hussein and his government these days?

I was under the impression we'd arrested Hussein and that his government was out of power and that we're currently fighting a combination of regime holdovers, Iraqis disenchanted with our occupation, and fighters brought in from out side to do battle with the Big Evil West?

Manipulation and dishonesty in the Bush Administration? Who would have thought? It's far from the first time they've taken credit for measures they actually opposed, but knowing that most voters aren't aware of the opposition means it creates an untrue impression.

87%! They tried to cut law enforcement assistance funding by 87%! Is this how they plan to combat terrorism?

Also? Everyone admits it wasn't a bioweapons lab, that trailer found in Iraq. Could someone tell Scott, so he stops making an idiot of himself (on that one topic, anyhow)?

And paranoid or not, there's much truth in the theory that there's an almost hidden network of power in this country.

Cool. Ethics suggestions suitable not only for Google but for all the main online players.

Posted by AnneZook at 08:34 AM