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May 28, 2004
I'm not saying it.

I refuse to mention the p*ngu*n thing again. Refuse, do you hear me?

Seeing that someone was searching for this quote, "lord didn't see fit to put oil and gas reserves where there are democratic governments dick cheney reminds me that we're governed by idiots.

Which is good, because I was in danger of forgetting that, don't you know.

And, speaking of quotes, "it is enough that the people know there was an election. the people who cast the votes decide nothing. the people who count the votes decide everything" is a worrying one.

One inquiring mind asked, "can you take a dead body to india from usofa." Obviously, you can do almost anything, if you have enough money.

Someone wants, "erotica by anne". I hate to disappoint a potential reader but there's no point in bookmarking this site if you're in search of titillation. Ditto for the people in search of "pictures of smooching" and "bare women" although I find myself bemused by the delicate choice of language. Apparently a more refined type of stimulation is required than that provided by the more usual "wemen naked" searches.

I'm dismayed to realized that I might actually have typed, "achoo achoo achoo im sick" at some point. It sounds like me in a whiney mood.

I'm sure someone in this country has been called a "tin horn politician with the manner of a rural corn doctor and the mien of a ham actor" but I'm not familiar with the quote. It's not a very elegant one, though.

One seeker after medical assistance announces, "i get dizzy when i talk." I don't know what to offer. Breathing exercises?

Someone needed to know "the origin of the phrase chitty chitty bang bang soldiers." If they find out, I hope they tell me. I've never heard that one before and can't imagine what it means.

Some brave soul re-opens the lemmings conversation, asking "how do lemmings get there food." If I could determine whether the inquiry regarded, "getting their food" or "getting there, to the food" I might care enough to do some research and answer the question, but I can't, so I donít.

A television viewer wanted, "dork tv." I suggest almost any channel, almost any time of the day.

"Adopt-a-gnome" I would, too. [Ed. Your lease says, 'no pets'.]

Elsewhere, we're alerted to a "brain teaser what is peculiar about the following sentence? i do not know where family doctors aquired" and we instantly notice that "acquired" is spelled wrong and it's not a sentence, it's a fragment. We're good at noticing that kind of thing (on other people's pages).

"Social commentary huck funn" What kind of person can spell "commentary" but not "Finn"?

"from 1985-1990 more than $500 million in dual-use technology was sold to iraq. these dual-use items were licensed to export for the iraqi air force and the iraqi atomic energy agency among others." I suppose I might have quoted that from some source, but I certainly don't remember it.

Are you obsessed with your blog? I'm not. Honestly. I'm not. In spite of the fact that I'm on a conference call at the moment and simultaneously creating a blog post. It's just that it's a boring call and I'm only listening, not participating and I'm a bit bitter because there's been no mention of closing the office early today.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:13 PM

Mr. Pierce, who lives in Hollywood and works as a scheduler in the entertainment industry, said blogging began to feel like an addiction when he noticed that he would rather be with his computer than with his girlfriend - for technical reasons.
I'm reminded of the old ELO song, "Yours Truly, 2095", from the "Time" album
She is the latest in technology... Almost mythology... But she has a heart stone... She has an I.Q. of 1001...She has a jumpsuit on... And she's also a telephone.
Strange days. Posted by: Hal at May 28, 2004 07:42 PM

Oh dear, that was a waste of time. Of course there will be people obsessed with blogging, the same as there have always been people obsessed with diary-writing (like me when I was a teenager). Pretending this impulse is somehow New is one of the things that drives me crazy about articles like this.

Posted by: Elayne Riggs at May 29, 2004 07:35 AM

But that's what's so amusing about it, Elayne.

It's that astonished re-discovery, with each new fad, that there are people capable of obsessive-compulsive behavior, that makes me laugh. They keep making this momentous discovery again and again, and acting like they've never seen such behavior before.

Posted by: Anne at June 1, 2004 08:31 AM

It doesn't seem like you should need to make this discovery more than once, but then Journalism is about "now" not about eternals.

My wife and I realized it when we took an Origami class at MIT: these are people who think nothing of folding a frog for two hours, then unfolding the whole thing to reverse a fold in the middle, then folding it back up again, just to get the toes right. People who go on Origami Cruises. One woman was collecting business cards to build a fourth-order origami fractal, which was going to weigh several hundred pounds when she was done (that's of business cards, mind you).

No matter what you do, there is someone out there for whom it is their sole reason for existence, who makes you look and feel like an interloper and amateur.

Computers seem particularly capable of sucking us in, perhaps because it means interacting with something .... unlike TV.

Posted by: Jonathan Dresner at June 1, 2004 03:23 PM