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June 09, 2004
Um. No.

I received an e-mail from TrueMajority, titled, "Let's Put an Ad on Arabic Television" and let me start by saying that the subject line of the e-mail alone worried me, even before I read the content.

Dear Faithful American,

The torture scandal continues to grow, and with it the outrage of the Arab world. As our leaders continue to blame a few rogue soldiers, a cycle of mutual suspicion and dehumanization between the Arab world and the United States deepens.

We need to send a message directly from the people of the United States , to the people of Iraq and the Arab world, telling them that, as Americans, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them in demanding justice for these sinful abuses committed in our name.

To do this, we’ve filmed a television ad with Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith leaders to be broadcast on Arabic-language television in the Middle East. You can view the ad using the link below. If you feel the message expresses what is in your heart, let the world know by endorsing the ad. You can even donate to help put it on the air.


As the number of endorsers grows, we will add that figure to the end of the ad. The more people who endorse the message, the more effective it will be. Please send this e-mail to anyone you think might want to get involved.


The FaithfulAmerica.org Team

First, I don't appreciate TrueMajority passing my e-mail address along to other groups, but that's how these organizations 'grow' so I guess I can't complain. I knew there was a risk when I signed up.

Second, if someone wants to show Iraq that USofA citizens are appalled and outraged by the revelations of torture, the appropriate thing to do is to demand that our government accept the resignations of those in charge. All the way to the top.

Sending, Hey, we're with you" messages is all very well, but apologies that matter come via prompt and definite action.

Moving on…more things I don't approve of.

The following joke was forwarded to me today.

A lobbyist, on his way home from work in Washington, D.C., came to a dead halt in traffic and thought to himself, "Wow, this traffic seems worse than usual."

He noticed a police officer walking between the lines of stopped cars, so he rolled down his window and asked, "Officer, what's the hold-up?"

The officer replied, "The President is depressed, so he stopped his motorcade and is threatening to douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire. He says no one believes his stories about why we went to war in Iraq, or the worsening deficit and economy, or that his tax cuts won't help anyone except his wealthy friends. So we're taking up a collection for him."

The lobbyist asks, "How much have you got so far?"

The officer replied, "About four gallons, but a lot of folks are still siphoning."

That's mean, but it's within the bounds of acceptability.

On the other hand, I think this may go outside the bounds. I've heard the Nixon stories that B.J. quotes and never really doubted them, but I find this story of Bush's behavior harder to accept.

Where did they get this story? There are no named attributions at all. I know anonymous sources are the lifeblood of Washington journalism, but I think accusations like this need some kind of back-up.

Also? I find it hard to "hear" Bush saying 'that's it George. I cannot abide disloyalty. I want your resignation and I want it now." Who talks like that?

Posted by AnneZook at 07:53 AM