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June 10, 2004
Quickie Thursday

A string of meetings starting soon, so just a few links.

Looks like no matter what Administration supporters want to believe, the evidence that the Bush Administration deliberately explored and authorized the use of torture against prisoners is mounting.

Jobless claims are up.

[] the number of Americans filing initial claims for jobless aid rose unexpectedly last week, the Labor Department said, and the rolling average rose to its highest level since late April.

Economy Provides No Boost for Bush, says the headline, and they wonder why not.

War has usually been good for the economy in the short run, and this one appears no different. In the first three months of this year, defense work accounted for nearly 16 percent of the nation's economic growth, according to the Commerce Department.

I'd like to point out that the problem with using defense spending as the foundation for "economic growth" is that you have to stay at war in order for the effect to continue.

And what about the famous chritian-compassionate-conservative thing? How do the voters see that?

"I think he gets more joy, he gets a bigger rush, out of doing world war," she said of Bush. "The United States economy just bores him or confuses him, I guess."

Republicans weep because over a million jobs have been created, but Bush's approval ratings continue to tank. Why don't those darned voters appreciate what's being done for them?

This go-round, jobs are coming back, but Americans may sense that those jobs are not of the same quality as the work that was lost, Newport said. Any good economic news is being tempered by high gasoline prices, and a generally sour mood has made voters skeptical.

In the end, though, the column concludes that it all comes back to Iraq.

I thought about Reagan again, but I still couldn't think of anything nice to say. I didn't like him, okay? I don't suffer from any primitive superstition that dying erases someone's sins. It don't work that way.

I don't like the Bush Administration, either.

I do like polling numbers of Kerry 51 / Bush 44 but those are apparently on a two-candidate race, which is unlikely to happen. (What I can't figure out, and I've been paying a certain amount of attention recently, is precisely what it is Nader thinks he's actually bringing to the table this time around. This is not the year when, "I'm not them" is a viable or sensible platform.)

Good grief. This comes to me via the comments section and I'm not sure whether to laugh to lose sleep over it.

I'm still pondering over how the world could help Darfur.

I'm still pondering over how to articulate what it is I believe, too.

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